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Burke Enterprise Series
Airships Of History Series
Burke Enterprise Warehouse
Aerostat NORTH Airdock


-I turned 16!!!
-I live in the middle of nowhere, Northern Canada
-I'm a massive nerd who loves airships, other old technologies like iron ships and steam/stirling engines
-I'm in the process of building my second (and much better) semirigid airship (abandoned, no helium and even less drive)

Current projects

LZ-38 R- Class Zeppelin (AI version only)

BU-1 Airborne Assault craft/Command Center
20% Complete, cancelled

Zeppelin NT (wingfoot one)
0% Complete, canceled

Aerostat North prototype Airlifter H-1X
40% Complete, was left alone, maybe coming back. I’d really like to get this one finished.

Triple expansion steam engine
80% complete, stock pistons are crappy

Fictional Companies

Aerostat North
Burke Enterprise

IRL Companies

None yet :(