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I am mainly a vehicle designer. But I have also designed Prop planes and Old school helis with props. I am not yet accustomed with the new heli parts. But I am trying to learn.

My area of expertise is suspension and chassis.

I dont have an upload schedule, I sometimes dont even login for months.

I use a potato, so dont expect anything over 450-500 parts from me.

I am not a roleplayer, but I have a fictional company:


Featured Posts:

14/03/19: X4

25/06/19: '62 Custom Chevy C10

24/08/19: X-GHOST

Contact info:

Why the hell would you wanna contact me?
here's my discord: Crippling Depression#9759

Here are some things about me:

¤ Huge fan of Pink Floyd, Nirvana, John Lennon and David Bowie.
¤ Fan of Sci-fi films and novels.
¤ Not a fan of anime or JDM cars.
¤ I am a college student, So it takes a long time for me to actually finish a project.
¤ I usually do all my Xmls myself, But I do use crate parts in my builds and take inspirations from others. If you want credit for something I used of yours feel free to comment that on my post.

Ongoing Public Project List:

Project- UL STOL : 50% completed, Is a working plane but not finished with designs.

X-Ghost (GN Jap inspired): 100% completed and Posted.

'62 Custom Chevy C10 : 100% Completed & Posted.

Hemtt LHS : 100% Completed & Posted.

Ford Tourino Taladega : 90% finished, Just need to finish the interior and make the car a bit more stable

Ford Focus rally : 40% finished, the body is finished but I havent started working on the chasis yet.

Ongoing Serieses:

1) X series: X Corp is an extreme sports vehicles company that has some plans to get into weapon's business soon. Three vehicles have been publically built in this series, X-4 and X-S, two extremely offroad capable vehicles, X-Ghosta reimagined vintage sports car from the pre war era; and an ultralight Stol concept is known to be in the works.

2) C10 series: As of 1/7/2019 the '62 C10 is my most upvoted vehicle. I mentioned in the original post about how I wanted to expand that as a platform amd create different vehicles with it. Right now 3 C10s exist,Blue white livery Black red livery and the CX Dragster.

Watch out for the big sad