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Togan Mortar Carrier

29.7k DeathStalker627  5 months ago
Auto Credit Based on DeathStalker627's Pars 6x6 APC


TOGAN is a 120 mm automatic, breech loaded mortar system installed on PARS 6x6 APC.

TOGAN consists of 2 systems ;

  • ALKAR Automated Mortar
  • Artillery Computer

Artillery Computer Features :

  • Battlefield Management
  • Easy Interface with TouchScreen display
  • Removable & can be used as Tablet PC

ALKAR Mortar System Features :

  • Enhanced Recoil Suppression System
  • Automated Breech Loader
  • Can be operated with a single crew
  • System can be installed on different vehicles (Wheeled, Tracked, Waterborne, etc.)
  • The system can be used without vehicles as well.

Vehicle Features :

  • Crew consists of 4 ; Driver,Commander,Gunner,Loader
  • Driver & Commander stationed in the front section
  • Commander operates the RCWS
  • Commander has access to Artillery Computer & Communication Systems
  • Gunner & Loader stationed in the rear section
  • Loader feeds the mortar,also helps to rearm the RCWS
  • Rear section has gunracks for the crew
  • Pars Chassis has independent suspension,amphibious kit
  • Modular hull and armor design of PARS III 6X6 offers various levels of ballistic and mine protection according to customer requests.
  • Vehicle provides STANAG 4/5 level protection.
  • The hull form, underbelly structure, base plates and specially developed mine-resistant seats are designed to protect personnel against high-level mine threats.
  • PARS 6X6 vehicle runs ahead of its competitors by offering similar ballistic and mine protections levels with MRAP vehicles
  • PARS maintains combat and mobility capabilities of modern armored combat vehicles.
  • In case of a CBRN situation,frontal section has CBRN protection & enough space for whole crew.

Controls :

Mortar Controls :

  • AG-2 : Open/Close the hatch

  • Elevation : Trim

  • Rotation : VTOL

RCWS Control :

  • AG-1 : Pitch & Roll

Amphibious Control

  • AG-4 : Throttle

Rear Door :

  • AG-5 : Open/Close the door


  • AG-8 : Enable & Disable Engine

Pitch & Yaw for Movement

Special Thanks to :

@SnoWFLakE0s for the FT help,Mortar has automated system thanks for his efforts

@OwestJ for the Mortar setup, I had my first mortar experience with Centauro AMC's mortar, later used some parts while building my mortar

Screenshots :


General Characteristics

  • Predecessor Pars 6x6 APC
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 12.0ft (3.7m)
  • Length 31.0ft (9.4m)
  • Height 17.7ft (5.4m)
  • Empty Weight 30,067lbs (13,638kg)
  • Loaded Weight 30,200lbs (13,698kg)


  • Horse Power/Weight Ratio 0.397
  • Wing Loading 89,783.0lbs/ft2 (438,359.1kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 0.3ft2 (0.0m2)
  • Drag Points 11111


  • Number of Parts 1253
  • Control Surfaces 0
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    @CharlesDeGaulle Instead of cursing you, I'm gonna ban you Mr.Baguette man.Have fun !

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    @DeathStalker627 Maybie, but turkey don't own that... But you can make what you want with your creations.

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    @CharlesDeGaulle Vehicle exists in IRL and the mortar system exists as well.

    18 days ago
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    @DeathStalker627 Yes, I don't care about your thing ... This thing just not exist, so I'ts fictional.

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    @CharlesDeGaulle That is none of your business.

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    Put fictional tag.

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    @Z3RO Thanks! Funky Trees made it happen.

    5 months ago
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    25.5k Z3RO

    seen your build on twitter feed, was interested on the functionality. pretty damn good

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    29.4k Spikerya

    @DeathStalker627 np it's a great build

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    @Spikerya Thanks, I wasn't expecting upvotes since this post fall behind really quick after the release

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    115k MAHADI

    @DeathStalker627 np!

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    24.1k Mustang51

    This is a really cool vehicle! I love the autoloader

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    @RussianAS Thanks for the Spotlight !

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    @MAHADI Thanks for the Spotlight !

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    btw, what map is that?

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    115k MAHADI

    Ghost Lead, we have artillery ready!

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    @nadvgia Thanks,SnoWFlake0s helped a lot.
    I'm gonna publish the Mortar solely too

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    8,225 NAD

    Cool system, well done!

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    @SnoWFLakE0s Thanks !

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