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All SADF sectors where merged into Rein Weiss, now called RWMC. with the support of SchwarzerStahl a smaller independent branch from ReinWeiss, they operate Top class weaponry offered by ReinWeiss engineers, and some made by their own. The Dark paint scheme with a red or blue stripes is their standard, unlike latest Green or White Equipment from ReinWeiss

I heard a story, may sound foolish, but it seems that there is a bird that share wings, it is a bird that posses a single wing, unless two oposites work together, and work as a single, they are incapaple of flight

misc: the new RWMC standard is based in the MR-T60/21.

future plans.

  • Private transport Jet. [Just on paper]
  • multi-purpose modular Helicopter [Just on papers]
  • Lily II Military training jet [basic hull finished.]
  • UNKNOWN OBJECT [crystal like build. no idea when it will be released.]
  • MR-T60/21 Mecha. [Muv-Luv like mecha.] Finished torso and head. working arms

  • rework all my old builds from the very start.

  • WW2 fictional aircraft. [like my HS292]

contact me:

  • Discord tag: #2766
  • Steam

time to talk about names

Why "MR" ? on my planes? it is from the word Miiro, in japanese it means somethibg close to "color of the sea", why the name you ask again? because from the outside at a safe range it is beautifull, peaceful and wonderful. But once you dive into it, it may turn out in the other way, something dark, with old tales about past things that to many are not so fancy, a place that can even hide secret meanings and cursed treasures.
some of my planes are built as carriers of my own feelings, it goes by how i am feeling, tho they dobt have a visible difference, the meaning behind them is big to me. Like my MR-T60/21 which never managed to have the so desired "angel" stage.
my planes are like the color of the sea, they can be clean and blue as in a beautiful sight, or crinsom and dark as the waters crossed by warships and dead bodies.

Admiration, Embarking, future
Despair, Loss, Separarion
Escape the sea of endless sadness
and even if..
The entire world dronws in the color of the sea
im sure i'll hear your voice.
"it'll be fine! lets go home!"
and even if the entire world stand against us
i'll still look straight ahead with you..
..all my hopes gather in to attack..
..and burst forth!

Akino. - Miiro

thank you for the support untill now.