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New Project:

any further information is being re-scripted. please all users stand-by. this is a simple reboot. no worry or panic shall occur, we kindly ask for your patience..

The Black, red and White flag is no longer the same, corruption is not just among data-banks. the number of out-cast pilots is rising, soldiers are leaving the army, our navy cant exit their docks. the Dead-Sea is expanding, YFFD's mistake on releasing a super AI might be related with strange "setups" around the Dead-Sea. it is just a matter of time, for chaos to rise in Sybaris. this is not a fairy tale, and there are no hero, and i doubt that "saint" they are reawakening will be a good option..

DATA FILES CORRUPTED!... Please stand-by


working with SADF.

Yuuto Kuroi, aka. Z3ro

Neowiz and YNTNI.... SADF

If normal means dont work, try with some firepower.

RP aside.

i had this idea of creating a background history to develop my "thingys", tank, planes, ships... space ships!. Most of them have been made with a.. idea behind then, what would they do, or serve, in a fictional "Earth".

my stuff most of the time might be... laggy? sometimes dont work the it should, but yeah... these are things i dont really noticed (lack of care with my own stuff) or i dont found a way of fixing it. But well, i try my best with a 2008 rig. Yep, 2gb ram FTW xD
bet the issues i have with my computer are not the big deal, the lack of self-ideas are the worst part. take deep inspections in my planes, you can notice how i tried "mimic", a lot of functions from stuff i see around... feels sad.

but after all, who the heck is Z3RO ?

well, im a 17 years old pleb, (mental state of 8. i should develop better my way of speech in internet... "im not really good talking with people + when im not using my native language"). But yeah, i've been here in simple planes for around 2 years and half, i think it was less. Learned a lot of stuff (still a newb. LOL)
I also like anime, you can notice this by the "yukikaze-ish" mimics i created all over my stance here, with some ideas i had, the Arpeggio of Blue steel-ish ship i created, and a lot of other anime related stuff... weeabo ...i think someday i may try build a gun, replicate more ww2 planes or something like that.

i dont really know if you read all this or not, but if you did, that is a little about me, even if it is in very poor english (trying my best.. oof), i may add more later on, but i really hope you enjoy my creations or at least have a good short time with it.

if you want to talk to me im on discord: #2766 "Yuuto Kuroi. (Z3RO)"
if you want as well you can be mean, trash me and say my english suck. is up to you anyway..

well, cya!