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All SADF sectors where merged into Rein Weiss, now called RWMC. with the support of SchwarzerStahl a smaller independent branch from ReinWeiss, they operate Top class weaponry offered by ReinWeiss engineers, and some made by their own. The Dark paint scheme with a red or blue stripes is their standard, unlike latest Green or White Equipment from ReinWeiss

I heard a story, may sound foolish, but it seems that there is a bird that share wings, it is a bird that posses a single wing, unless two oposites work together, and work as a single, they are incapaple of flight

misc: the new RWMC standard is based in the MR-T60/21.

future plans.

  • Private transport Jet. [Just on paper]
  • multi-purpose modular Helicopter [Just on papers]
  • Lily II Military training jet [basic hull finished.]
  • UNKNOWN OBJECT [crystal like build. no idea when it will be released.]
  • MR-T60/21 Mecha. [Muv-Luv like mecha.]

  • rework all my old builds from the very start.

  • WW2 fictional aircraft. [like my HS292]

contact me:

  • Discord tag: #2766
  • Steam