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VRuilding Challenges

Dev pedro16797  one month ago

Hmm so huh... first post here, I'm a bit of a foreigner in these lands, so I couldn't resist inaugurating this profile with a blatantly quirky name. For those that aren't familiar with who I am, my name is Pedro. I've been a dev at Jundroo for over a year now but my main focus has been on SimpleRockets 2. I've been also running the SR2 discord challenges for about 3 years now, so after discussing it for a bit with the rest of the team we've decided I should run a couple of challenges to get you (even more) excited about the new parts 1.11 has to offer.

We believe the new parts and tools that came with 1.11 allow for much lower part count crafts with more detailed interiors, and since 1.12 is coming soon we'd like to propose you a set of 3 different challenges with two common denominators: You have to keep the part count low and build it around the best possible first-person camera experience. The three categories are going to be:

  • Military

    You know, your classic replicas, some fancy modern vehicle fully stuffed with weapons...

  • Civilian

    Vehicles with no weapons that are just entertaining to fly, good-looking, use interesting mechanics, or any combination of those.

  • Experimental

    For crazy wacky ideas, those that don't fall into the other categories (an interactive mini-game, a weird vehicle, a space-ship, a grabbable interactive item...).

How to submit?

Just upload the craft, no need to download anything, but you have to make sure you get the Mobile-Friendly tag (you get it by keeping part-count under 350) and then you add to your crafts the VR, Challenge, and category-specific tags (Military, Civilian or Experimental). If you don't add all the necessary tags I won't see your entries when filtering the search! You have until November 15th 00:00 UTC.

Who will win?

The main source of points will be upvotes, but to help those crafts focusing on efficiency even more while making good looking entries, for every 20 parts under 350 you get, your entry will get an x0.1 bonus (so if it is 150 parts your points will be your upvotes x2 if it is 250 parts it will get an x1.5 bonus...), maxing out at x2. Crafts that ignore any of the requirements or don't fit with the category they were submitted to will be disqualified, but I'll try to give you a heads up before in case it was just an error. The same person can win all the categories, but crafts can only be submitted to one of them, so you would have to submit multiple entries.

What will they win?

The winners of each of the categories will get a key for SimplePlanes VR in Steam, plus:
1st of each category: 10k points
2nd of each category: 5k points
3rd of each category: 2.5k points

PS: Since these crafts will likely be designed for VR we hope to get a beta for SP VR out before the end of these challenges. I can't assure you it will be out in time, we don't want it to feel rushed, so don't get your hopes too high, but don't get them too low either, just keep them at an average AGL.

PS2: Don't wait until the last couple of days to post your craft, since you need some time to get enough upvotes.

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    TLDR: Yes, I'm a dev, if you don't know me it's because I work on SR2 but came here to start 3 challenges for crafts with less than 350 parts that are compatible with first-person gameplay (military, civil and experimental crafts). The score will be based on upvotes but by lowering the part-count even more you can get bonus points. There are some really cool prizes so make sure to add the correct tags to your craft to participate in these challenges, ending November 15th 00:00 UTC.

    We have pushed the deadline by a week

    Pinned one month ago
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    1,057 Firgreen

    @pedro16797 Hello, I know that this is another topic, but are gog and humble bundle are getting version too? The moment I´m playing on and some mods are not working. (gog offline version). I also like to see simple rockets 2 on gog. Greetings F.

    3 days ago
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    @AvalonIndustries Yep atleast i have two upvotes and first time my plane is curated

    14 days ago
  • Profile image

    @MashMallow Oh damn, i feel bad now

    14 days ago
  • Profile image

    @AvalonIndustries Oh wait i mean every winner of each category has a key to vr not 2nd 3rd has a key :(

    15 days ago
  • Profile image

    @MashMallow very coll

    15 days ago
  • Profile image

    Okie wen results :D

    16 days ago
  • Profile image

    @AvalonIndustries Yes because the winners of each categories will have a key to VR.

    16 days ago
  • Profile image

    Will the 2nd and 3rd place winners also get a Simpleplanes VR key?

    20 days ago
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    @pedro16797 oh ok anyways heres mine

    With 123 parts

    22 days ago
  • Profile image

    @MashMallow no, you're not! We've pushed the deadline by a week

    22 days ago
  • Profile image

    Im late ;-;

    22 days ago
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    659 DCLDCL

    Is there any mistakes of this title? @pedro16797

    23 days ago
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    Here is my Entry
    Jackhammer Model VR supported Interior with less than 350 parts

    23 days ago
  • Profile image

    Here is mine

    25 days ago
  • Profile image

    @pedro16797 did mine get entered? here, its less than 350parts and has the appropriate tags.

    25 days ago
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    Question, would a plain old vehicle built to demonstrate a funky trees concept be considered as the role of the vehicle or experimental?
    Like say, a quad bike made to demonstrate an automatic transmission engine code or something?

    25 days ago
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    344 Chopper18

    @pedro16797 he seems perfectly fine with it

    27 days ago
  • Profile image

    @BellKitsu if you have permission from the original creator yes

    28 days ago
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    1,419 Bellcat

    @pedro16797, are successors allowed in this challenge?

    28 days ago
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    4,396 JuanShot2Go

    Not bragging about having experienced SP in VR. I Promise.

    !VR Contribution

    28 days ago
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    Can I make it from WWII?

    29 days ago
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    344 Chopper18

    I manage how to figure it out!

    29 days ago
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    344 Chopper18

    @KfcGaming it's kind of harder to do on mobile, since I have to put my fingers beyond the text given the chance of copy, the text can go to the top.

    29 days ago
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    3,675 KfcGaming

    @Chopper18 just go to ur craft post and click the top portion were its written and then copy it and paste here

    29 days ago
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