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Hi, I'm shibusu
I make medium detail aircraft that are supposed to work with VR. Sometimes.
'Overly complex systems that nobody can be bothered to use' is my middle name.

I post fictional (air)craft inspired (read:copied) from real designs, usually under the fictional companies Idene Aerospace Systems (IAS) or Alagnomar CRaft. (ACR), though others exist, as written below.

-SF-21 Auor [Variable sweep fighter]
-Aquila M.2C [Early attack jet]
-Griffon [Variable sweep fighter]
-Panthera [Turboprop single passenger aircraft] (In progress)
-Griffin VT-L (1990) [Luxury midsize coupé] (On hold)
-T373 MRAP (1984) [Mine-resistant ambush-protected transport truck] (Awaiting rework)

-AF-8B/G [Lightweight attack jets]
-AS-20S Sabine [Civilian seaplane]
-Vageh LX [Low-end luxury compact fastback]
-AF-8F [Converted fighter] (FBW in progress)
-AF-50F [Supersonic attack jet] (On hold)

Ilaris Motors
-Iliad GT-S (1983) [Affordable sport coupé]
-Iliad GT-S (1974) [Affordable sport coupé] (Planning phase)
-Ilaris/AMI Alistair GT (1975) [Budget sport sedan] (Conceptual)

Saber Aeroworks
-SA-50NE [Supersonic fighter-bomber] (Abandoned for the time being)
-SA-21 [Supersonic heavy bomber] (On hold)

-F-100ASA Ocean Arrow [Carrier-based interceptor] (Awaiting complete rework)

-TAF-19C [4.5th gen modern fighter] (On hold)
-TF-2000 [Near-future 5th gen attack jet] (Conceptual)

Discord: shibusu#3556