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Hello there! :]

gimme a few days to decorate me bio, stay tuned!

Who am I?

I'm a worldbuilder, my fictional country is Novania (the entire Sironian Continent of the planet Terra Astraeus) and I do lore, history, culture etc as well as design vehicles, weapons and whatnot for Novania.
SP is just a way for me to turn my stuff into fun, playable builds and all my builds are based on my hand drawn designs inspired by all sorts of things.

I just build for fun, and for myself, so beware part count and don't expect good technique

I understand English, Chinese and Bahasa Melayu/Indonesia so feel free to use these languages to comment

What's New?

T-2 Firetail Turboprop Trainer

What's Next?

F-38C Gryphon Multirole V/STOL Fighter