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First off. Hi, ich Heißt Jelybaca, und ich bin eine Kanadien. Was das? kannst nicht verstehst der schwere sprache? so Mir!

Ja hi, my name is Jelybaca and I have been in this community since 1.2 unofficially and I have been building satisfactory grade planes since then. I 'ave mentioned I'm Canadian right?

People seem to put their favourite things thier bio so here we go.

Aviation vessels I am bias for

-Airbus A340
-Sud Aviation SE210 Caravelle
-Tupolev Tu-114

Songs I hold dearest

-Nach Haus by Silbermond
-Je Dai Mai Leum Gun by Ruangroj Prachaya
-One Great City! by Weakerthans
-Basang Basa Sa Ulan by Aegis

Clientwork queueueeu

This is a build roster of aircraft requested from other people, which will be built... Eventually...

-Edgley Optica
-Lockheed Jetstar
-Heinkel He177
-Boeing 757
-Boeing 787
-Airbus A330ST
-Junkers Ju288C
-Bugatti Model 100
-Junkers Ju EF-100
-Boeing KC the four engined fuel plane thingy
-Antonov An124

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