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-Noobybits123567 speaking French
I’m not trying to make fun of the French k?
Hello! I’ve been playing this game for roughly 4 years now. This is my second account, my first being notnoob998. Please don’t look at ANY of my planes from that account… they scare me. Some more than others. But here’s a link anyways. Yes, this. Anyways, my old computer broke and I’m a broke 15 year old so I can’t fix it. Whelp that sucks. But wait, I was blessed by who I consider to be closest to a holy being in my life- my dad gave me a new computer. I love my family.
Activity status: On website, not really. On game, no.
Projects: nope.
Speroace focuses on aircraft intended for military usage. I occasionally make a civilian aircraft, such as the CA-1. I am also starting to focus on planes again.
Yeah, the Concorde is my favorite plane. That’s why it’s my pfp.
Goals in life:
Hit something with a hammer and it starts working- complete
Pet a dog and have it want belly rubs- complete
Have Pizza Rolls- Incomplete

Also, I’ve been playing War Thunder on my computer, my username is noobybits
Rolls Royce Pegasus noises

*if i have time
Lol ima noob
Wow! 4 followers!
6 followers! I can barely count that high!
13 followers! I had to learn mathing!
22 followers? Basic math is hard.


Also Nooby speaking French

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