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why are the big letters not working? G’DAY
The red plane below is my gold special and my first featured plane
Only Rule: always follow the rules
On Wednesday the 19th of September 2018 I logged on at 11:15am and @ACEPILOT109 threw 5 upvotes my way sending me to 5014 points, after 3.0 years and 48 followers I got there baby!
I wonder how many times ACEPILOT109 got cool down lol :) Thank you!!!!
there is no spelling mistake in my username
I forgot to enter an understandable bio
And how to make big letters
And I’m attracted to aircraft
I’m an aircraftology exper

“Any idiot can make an airplane, but it takes a genius to make an airplane any idiot can build”-Someone that worked for NA I’ve still gotta find that genius so I can hit platinum in one plane.

If you can’t tell I’m Australian I also go for the Eels
I’m really active just looking at stuff but I’m slow on posts and replies.
I have 1.5H flight hours-About an hour at Wanaka, NZ if you go to the South Island I recommend visiting U-Fly Wanaka in a PA-28
And the rest in a Cessna 150 at Warnavale airport
I hope to become a RPL by mid next year and a PPL within 2 years

You have #no idea how much I love planes, I’ve got this idea to design and build my own.
It would be a taildragger with 4 seats and a radial engine, a high wing and cruise speed of about 120ktas
School gets in the way of SP so I’m pretty slow at uploads

I’m currently working on a Stol Bush plane but I’ve run into a serious hurdle so if anyone wants to take a look I’ll link u there.
I’m also working on an Evektor EV55
And an a two seat piloted flying ATG monster
I never put enough detail in

I’d love to be of assistance to anyone interested in having a 3rd party test pilot and anyone who wants to do a slow Colab

Cool people
I apologise to all the people I forget:
Sorry but they won’t come up, maybe cause one of thems a Train

I’m soooo pumped for SR2
Did I mention I like planes?