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Welcome to my Account hope you are enjoying yourself here! now a little about me? I've been an iOS builder for more than a year and just got SP on PC (account age 1.5), I'm currently a Life scout, one away from eagle! I'm planning on joining Civil Air Patrol but I can join yet due to a triable schedule. if you any other questions about me (no personal ones you know what I mean) feel free to ask on any of my builds, make sure you tell me that you read my bio or I might be confused!


“Stab the banan is dead, but Simpleplanes is not!” -Anti SP is dead Campain Slogan

“When someone higher than you leaves, it makes a new spot for you” -ACEPILOT109

“In order to fly, you need to take off, in order to take off you need to move forward” -ACEPILOT109

“The two worst alarms to hear in a plane are the GPWS (terrain terrain pull up) and the stall alarm...” -ACEPILOT109

“Aviation is weird, many people like it, yet so few love it.”

Favorite Plane!

- L-1011 Tristar

Scocial Media

I have made a discord server for new players in the game to get help, feedback, and even share there links with other people. You don’t need to be new to join, I think we need some platinum users and I hope to see you there!


Well that's my biography and if you don't like my planes, we'll, just don't download them!

Thanks for stopping by, and if you like my stuff, download, upvote, or follow, or do nothing!