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Hello there!

Howdy, I’m Cabbage. I am a cadet officer in the Civil Air Patrol and work at an ice cream shop. I am a student pilot who plans to fly as a career, and I have already flown and soloed in powered aircraft and gliders. I like to sketch, play games, and procrastinate on schoolwork. I’m here to build planes and have fun.
My SimplePlanes portfolio mainly includes emergency vehicles, meme posts, and fictional Cold-War era inspired tactical aircraft. I also am somewhat proficient in modeling aircraft, airsoft gun modifications and attachments, and random contraptions for 3D printing. I have a vast amount of unlisted builds and projects. I don’t really specialize in anything or strive to maintain a consistent style, quality, or quantity, I just kinda go with the flow whenever I get motivation to build.
If you need help with anything, just message me.

Please direct questions, comments, concerns, feedback, hate mail, and death threats to my office (SP Link)

Keep It Simple Stupid
-Kelly Johnson

Random About Me:

Some aircraft I love: F-117, AH-64D, F-3, F-104, MiG-21, RC-135, OH-58, XFV-12, F-20, SGS-233, and early 707s with them smokey engines and water injection, and just about anything that Kelly Johnson and mah boi Ben Rich were involved in.

Some aircraft I hate: anything made by Burt Rutan, stealth F-14 concepts, Sea Vixen

Currently in love with: OH-58

Things I like: ice cream, sketching, anti-shipping, electronic warfare, boundary layer control systems,

Things I dislike: styrofoam, the state of Arkansas, France, asymmetry,

I always read your comments on my posts, but I may not respond to them or react to them. Some of my comments are joking, sarcastic, or referencing obscure stories or jokes, but I do not intend to be mean or derogatory.

The best nap I ever had was on the concrete floor of a quonset hut at the US Army Disney training center in Artemus, KY.

First powered solo on Thursday, June 22nd, 2023, in a C172R. Currently flying a C172K with questionable structural integrity.

aka Professor Wisconsin according to TheTomatoLover

I have 46+ pages of unlisted posts (very normal)

I have accidentally taken a short shower in 100LL Blue Aviation Gas.

According to the Lando Furry Scale, I am not a furry.


WIP and plan to publish:
- Py's Glock-19 gen3
- X-295 (need empennage, wing re-work, general details)

- Alphonse A-22 (90%)
- Publish the X-258
- CAP Huey (90%)
- Ford Interceptor Utility
- Lucy spacecraft

- Catgirl WSO (planomnomnom special)
- Catgirl (forklift certified)
- Berkeley County Public Works AS350 with 2.75in rockets
- b4VL “Ellie-O” Unmarked Chevrolet Traverse
- Finnish Fast Action Response Team vehicle
- Lifted CSP unmarked Ford Interceptor Utility
- Shelf Defense (lego functions)
- NCSP Wasp
- late challenge entries (like years late)
- 3d printable 4/5 scale Aim-9L
- simple(ish) EW/ECM imitating mechanical system
- Anti on skateboard?????
- Kelly’s circus baby: the P-80 Shooting Star







gimme gimme gimme


remind me to read this on Monday or something

behold, a man

I am in no way related to the Wisconsin State Patrol. My actions, ideas, and opinions do not reflect those of the Wisconsin State Patrol.

Previously known as Cabbage17