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From March 2020 til September 2020 I will be working at sea. No Internet = No Simpleplanes, No replies

Though you see me now a mere ghost of man
I once had the heart of a lion
Commanded my ship between many a shore
The ol' Jolly Roger a-flyin'
Mine was a name that struck fear into men
And regret into plenty of lasses
Oh, how I wish I could take back those days
As I stare at these empty beer-glasses
I think of the time past when I had it all
I toyed with men's wives and their daughters
And in my pursuit of this ill-gotten welth
I stabbed and I slashed and I slaughtered

And for what?
The men that I've fought
Are matched by the number of women I've bought
And for what?
I've killed and I've shot
And reddened the cold tears of children with blood
And if I could go back and make my amends
I'd make all those mistakes again
I'd kill every last one of those bastards, my friend

My ship was the last sight that many would see
As we narrowed the gap with our quarry
The sound of the cannons and splintering wood
Would herald our paths into glory
We seized all the bounty and scuppered the ship
Our hearts hadn't time for the wounded
I took my share and the crew got the rest
And on into port we then bounded
Life has many pleasures, and we had our fill
Of food and of wenches and beer
When we'd tired of the port or had drunken it dry
The time to set sail would come near

And for what?
We heeded no law
Made other men suffer so we could have more
And for what?
We lived every day
With the noose of the hangman a hair's breadth away
And if I could go back and make my amends
I'd make all those mistakes again
I'd kill every last one of this bastards, my friend

Oh I've seen wonders you'd never have dreamed
And taken my fair share, I must say
Holds full of booty I happily siezed
From crews who would not see a new day
Spanish gold came and went, gem stones got sold
But I knew more lay on the horizon
Yet the beer was too good and the gals were too sweet
And now in my old age it's gone
These memories were bought with the lives of good men
A price that I paied without scruple
So many souls suffered so I could get drunk
And swagger from brothel to brothel

And for what?
It's been many years
Yet the screams of the vanquished still ring in my ears
And for what?
I've blood on my hands
I wait for my place in the halls of the damned
And if I could go back and make my amends
I'd make all those mistakes again
I'd kill every last one of those bastards, my friend

I am a 19 years old German from Hamburg. I sail on a regular basis and still spend waaay too much time on YT and SP and MC. I try to make things that ppl request, but in the end I'll always just do what I want to do. I am also a big fan of the Pirate-Metal band Alestorm.

What does your username mean?
-"probably me" in german
Can you help me with (insert creation or part here)?
-Yes, but if I cannot, I'll gladly refer to some of my friends, depending on the situation.
Can you build (insert requested project here)?
-Yes...probably...some time in the future...check back in two years.
Can you make a mobile friendly version?
-Nope. When I finish a project, I finish it and I hate going back to it and it would break my heart to upload a creation again with less details. Detatched cockpits are fine on request.
Why is my ship rolling over the side?
-Probably because the COM is not under water
Why is your ship not drifting?
-Because I added enough vertical stabelizers.
What is wrong with you?
-I am slightly crazy, constantly overestimate myself and I know over 70 Parts of a wooden Tallship without having to scratch my head and could tell you on the spot everything important about ships of the line (18th century)

Currently requested:
-Endeavour (0%)
-DJI Phantom 4 (0%)
-SS Nomadic (0%)
-He-111 (0%)
-USS Cairo (0%)
-RRS Boaty MC Boatface (0%)
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-N926NA (0%)
-USS Alaska (0%)
-Falls of Clyde (0%)
-Johann Smidt (0%)
-M551 Sheridan (0%)
-When I have a good idea for a creation, I build it.
-I build things when I feel like building them, not in a chronological order and, most importantly, NOT BECAUSE YOU GET IMPACIENT AND WHINY! DEAL WITH IT! Seriously though, I play this game for fun and if I don't want to build what I am building, I won't have fun.

Farewell and may the wind under your wings bare you to were the sun sails and the moon walks