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Dead discord server: link (does not expire)
Roblox account of your interested I guess: link

Heya! Im a 15 year old lazy person that does college level science for fun. I got started on this game when i was looking for a good flight simulator on amazon underground and when i saw this i thought "a game where i can build my own aircraft and fly them!? Awesome!" And i downloaded it. And the rest is history


Bronze: ???

Silver: roughly 7/8/16

Gold: roughly 6/23/18

10k: 7/8/20

Now for fictional company stuff

I am the ceo of a fictional company called Amtek, why am i saying this? Isnt this obvious? Well i do want some space between the banner and the image links and i dont want it to be blank... So yea

Below are clickable images of each generation of aircraft

Now for random crap i have on my phone related to aviation

L e m o n

Psst, hey, want to know how to make your image clickable? Do something like this:

[ ![](Imagelink.png)](https://webpagelink)
Keep in mind that the webpage link HAS to have 
https:// before it to work!

Dog tax

Rest in peace ginger, ??? - 2020

Temorarily changed username to V

My username used to be FLOWRIDER0, but i changed it to what you see below, but now im back to my former glory!

Previously known as robloxweponco, FLOWRIDER0