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yay i have a lame nickname
it was supposed to be a filler until I changed it to something better
until i learned you cant change your nickname
if I could, i would change it to IronBeagle
a peanuts reference to the lone beagle
an iron eagle reference duh
and an armada reference (where I actually got it from)

dont even talk about how you had no rotators or whatever when you started
ive been playing simpleplanes since it came out
and ive played simplerockets since it came out

and does anyone remember simplephysics?
I could never do the skyscraper level if it killed me
Why do u make a ferris wheel with only two buckets
Good stuff

I know my bio says only 2. something years but thats because i was playing on a different mobile account before and i wasnt signed in so it says ive only been playing since i got it on pc

as you can see by my profile pic i love peanuts alot
ive read all 50 years of strips twice now
my favorite character is either peppermint patty or andy and olaf (i treat them as one character)

Simpleplanes stuff:
Inventor of the garage door using brake
CEO of companies CORE and Opal
Most of my builds are just cringy useless stuff that took me about a minute to build cuz my legit stuff is kinda bad

Have a nice day
Enjoy simpleplanesing