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Hello Guys, This Is Twisted WarshipDude

Welcome to Trislandia Wryy~, We accept you as ally except if you bring war to us

[Joined in: 01-09-2019]

also known as the Literal Evil

Am i the villain, in this story? (WilburSoot, Dream SMP)

Yes, i am the Villain in any stories, i am the Harbinger Of Death to those that dare to oppose Trislandia and its might, Weak and Outdated is not the word to describe me

Trislandia Werften Ships Ordering Post (Clicky)

Hello, how are you today?

This is me, your now Twisted version of himself, Twisted WarshipDude

I accept you as a visitors in my bio, not that it will matters, you guys won't read it because you're not a nerd, and that's a fact actually, if you were to roleplay with me, please think about your plan twice because im always think a step ahead of you, if you were to attack me, i will be the one attacking, not you, you're just a little speck of nothingness in this vast world, i can always beat you, how?


Realism Is The Language We Spoken
Realism Is The Language We Stand At
Realism Is The Language We Can't Disturb
Realism Is The Language We Have To Balance Fantasy

Nothing beats Realism, not even a stab of a sharp knife right into your heart will
Realism will always stand in your path, trying to seek a way to beat it and you will be faced with more Realism, trying to seek a way to ignore it and you will be faced with the realization that...

"I Just Can't Run Away From It"

When i say you can't run away from Reality...
That's true
You're never gonna run away from it
You simply can't

Now..., If you are here just to seeks trouble with me... (Giggles)
you better don't

Im more than capable argumenting with you, of course i wouldn't use it to defend from the wrongs i did, but i use it for the right things i did, in no 10 trillion years will anybody be as cold headed and calm just as me

Balance Of Force That I Found In SP Community

WiiWiiTheMini and Cyan (Making a Complete and Finished Cyan Crewmate)

TwistedWarshipDude and Tsuchiisan (Making a Balance between Realism and Fantasy)

[Der Anfang]

Hello, how are you today boys?

Im your now twisted version of himself, Twisted WarshipDude

"Phantasia autem vis De Rerum"
"Force Of Fantasy And Reality"

@TwistedWarshipDude and @Kaiteniisan is always known to be a friend to eachother, a very good one at it, One likes Realism, the other One likes Fantasy

@TwistedWarshipDude As The Force Of Realism

@Kaiteniisan As The Force Of Fantasy

For quite a long time i was thinking "For what i work together with him? What did i get from working with him?", And here is where i remember the Yin and Yang Theory, "describing how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another"

Then it finally come to a full stop, time seemingly stopped, it all makes sense, this time along, it all make sense now, @TwistedWarshipDude As The Force Of Realism, and @Kaiteniisan As The Force Of Fantasy, We are 2 Different people, with Different outlook on stuff, yet we are working together, interdependent to eachother, Rising together, it makes sense now, this time along, we are working together for one thing, We are here to seek balance to eachother! we are together trough our Ups and Downs keep pushing hard on our foe keeping the balance between us perfect

We become a Perfect Harmonious Symphony that flows like a Perfect Melody, We Are Stronger Together! Becoming A Powerfull Force That Is Independent To Eachother! Who Would Have Thought That The Fantasy And Realism Could Make Such A Powerfull Force!? No One! We Are Invulnerable!

Sit Forma Libra, The True Form Of Balance!

Eventum et inopinatus! The Unexpected Outcome!
We are here to keep that balance, the Balance Of Force, A Perfect Harmony, A Perfect Symphony to this Unbalanced World!

My Signature Texting Format

• "Hello, how are you doing today?"
• "This is your now Twisted version of himself, Twisted WarshipDude"
• "Oh c%ck..." (James May Vibes :p)
• "...Unbalanced World..."
• "*imminent T-Posing"
• "...Force Of Realism and Force Of Fantasy"
• "Anyway, (insert words...)"
• "Pog, Ships, My Bretheren"
• "Realism"

My Quote

I am the True Villain in every story, you may create something of a Wunderwaffen, but we all know such stuff is pointless and no use, as a True Villain, my Tactics always changes, normal Tactics is no use to fight me, think again, how much time did you feel dumbfounded by my simple but working tactics? i may be the True Villain, but deep inside me, there's something more than just being a Villain, you may perhaps say..., im not your average Villain, i have an objective, and that is to Balance out the Force between Realism and Fantasy

Previously known as TrislandianAlliance, WarshipDude, WarshipWarshipTheDude, WarshipDude