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Riese Aero RF-10 K4 Jäger

18.1k TWDDerSharkmarine  6 months ago
Auto Credit Based on TWDDerSharkmarine's Riese Aero RF-10K Jager

"....It is the perfect tool for those who seeks air supremacy over the sky...."


The Riese Aero RF-10 K4 (Codename: Jäger), also known as the "Kürfurst" is a Trislandian built Aircraft Carrier Capable, High Altitude, High Speed, Fighter Interceptor, it is the most produced variants of the RF-10 Series

Being the first Purpose Built Fighter in Trislandia (Trislandian Aircraft is of either Multirole or Torpedo Bomber for much of the mid 1942), its design was inspired by various other aircraft design that has existed troughout the World War 2, implementing the knowledge already known about the opponent into one airframe, making an aircraft that is superior in nearly every aspect


I hope you understand how to fly an aircraft here
AG1: Open/Close Canopy
AG2: Navigation Light
AG3: Formation Light
AG4: Cockpit Light
AG5: Landing Hook
AG6: Oil Cooler (Does Nothing)
AG7: Engine On/Off (Does Nothing)
AG8: Master Switch (Does Nothing)

This Aircraft is VR Friendly

[Handling Characteristic]

The aircraft is good in Pitch authority, a little sensitive in Roll authority, and a bit lacking in Yaw authority

The aircraft is easy to control down to speed of 300km/h and below, in which control starts to become slightly unresponsive, stall characteristics are favorable, with aircraft able to maintain lift up to 180km/h in which, aircraft will start to become quite unresponsive and heavy until speed of atleast 250km/h is achieved

At high speed, there's no immediate danger of fluttering until speed of 975km/h is achieved (fluttering not simulated), never exceed speed of 1075km/h

In a climb, the aircraft is highly capable, able to retain speed at any angles, power to weight ratio is high, making the aircraft highly capable in said aspect

In a dive, the aircraft is highly capable, able to reach speed of about 965km/h before fluttering starts to happen, making the aircraft highly capable in said aspect

In level flight, the aircraft need atleast 60% trim down starting at speeds of 550km/h, maximum achievable speed at 3.000m are 860km/h on average

Handling at landing are sufficient but could be improved, landing at speeds above 230km/h are advisable, flaps are sufficient but could be improved, the aircraft suspension is noticeably stiff, with tendency to bounce on hard landing, it is important to land this aircraft smoothly, and to minimize any bounce if possible, brakes are a little weak

Handling on ground are adequate, tail wheel is unable to turn with rudder input, all ground handling is done via propwash, handling on ground is adequate

[Specification (RF-10 K4)]

General Specification
Crew: 1
Length: 10.7 m (35.1 ft)
Wingspan: 13.1 m (42.9 ft)
Height (with landing gear): 3.0 m (10 ft)
Empty weight: 2,643 kg (5,827 lbs)
Gross weight: 3,455 kg (7,617 lbs)
Max takeoff weight: 4,155 kg (9,160 lbs)
Powerplant: 1 x Riese Aero VS-3000-V12 VK-10AU V-12 inverted liquid-cooled piston engine, 3,500 hp
Propellers: 2 x 4-bladed VDM 9-12087, 2.921 m (9 ft 7 in) diameter light-alloy constant-speed propeller

Maximum speed: 750 km/h (466 mph, 404 kn) at sea level
925 km/h (574 mph; 499 kn) at 8,000 m (26,247 ft)
Cruise speed: 590 km/h (370 mph, 320 kn) at 6,000 m (19,685 ft)
Range: 2,660 km (1,650 mi ; 1,434 nmi)
Service ceiling: 13,106 m (43,000 ft)
Rate of climb: 20 m/s (3,900 ft/min)
Horse Power/Weight Ratio 0.262
Wing Loading 87.7 kg/m2 (18.0lbs/ft2)
Wing Area: 39.4 m2 (423.8 ft2)

2 × 15 mm synchronized MG-150 Machine Guns with 350 rpg
1 x 15 mm MG-150 Machine Guns as centerline Motorkanone with 200 rpg
4 x 30 mm Mk-30/75HG Revolver Cannons with 200 rpg

FuG 16Z radio



General Characteristics

  • Predecessor Riese Aero RF-10K Jager
  • Created On Android
  • Wingspan 42.9ft (13.1m)
  • Length 35.1ft (10.7m)
  • Height 10.0ft (3.0m)
  • Empty Weight 5,827lbs (2,643kg)
  • Loaded Weight 7,617lbs (3,455kg)


  • Horse Power/Weight Ratio 0.262
  • Wing Loading 18.0lbs/ft2 (87.7kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 423.8ft2 (39.4m2)
  • Drag Points 1695


  • Number of Parts 304
  • Control Surfaces 2
  • Performance Cost 1,235
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