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  • sea spider monster plugin 3 months ago

    "By far the fishiest spider on simpleplanes"

  • Goldfish Express 6 months ago

    "They Call It The Goldcracker Mail Service"

  • Well I am back! 3 months ago

    Infinite flight: realistic but the detail just... EURGH

    DCS World: your better than ever flying simulator

    Simpleplanes: Too realistic even for DCS World

  • COD-M® Helicopter 5 months ago

    Typical COD:M Player Be Like: *Feet To 4th Step Of Stair Which Is COD:M, Literally Skipping The Whole CoD Series In The First 3 Step Of Stair...

  • Where's the ATC! 6 months ago

    Gud, Artificial Inteligence At It Finest

  • not scientifically possible 6 months ago

    "Thanos: Gone, Reduced To Atoms"

  • Super soaked but remade by me Oofsoda 18 days ago

    Oh no, changing @Randomusername build from electric to conventional is cursed

  • Minor game update idea, nothing too serious but instead a tool that would be really useful to have 4 months ago

    Now "That is the spiciest idea I've heard in a while" ~Spudcub

  • CMWH-100 5 months ago

    Omg, the literal same as me where we cant make a decent looking cockpit in game... @Noname918181

  • New aircraft! 5 months ago

    Android Player Can Help You Too Sir, Don't Underestimate Android Power

  • [CASE CLOSED] UFOs in SimplePlanes? (Read Description) 6 months ago

    Only At That Time You Realized They Only Appear At That One Time..., Do You Remember That You Have Any UFO Related Thing? Including The Tictac

  • (TEST) ELECTRIC CAR. 6 months ago

    "And Now The Car Did It, The Car Did It, He Achieved The Notorious 14mph, What A World Record For A Propeller Aircraft"

  • Distance 21 days ago

    Goddamnit, beaten by loading time to get the 145th upvote

  • RTV gen 3-1200 FMA 1 prototype one month ago

    Nicely done and 295 just barely enough for a phone with 2 gigs to play these, the design is aggressive and i love that sort of thing

  • IJN Mikasa one month ago

    Has been made into monument since 1928, and now still there

  • Ace Pilot Challenge one month ago

    @TheFantasticTyphoon Ok, full speed bearing 247 and im using a ship because why the heck not do it if you can? Lets try it actually, using a ship to find brown pearl, should be indefinitely "FUN"

  • New standards thanks to Funky trees one month ago

    Simpleplanes got uprated to Complexplanes, nice explanation though i still have no idea how to make a realistic speedometer that follows the speed of the car...

  • *cries in tank cannon* one month ago

    If wing gun itself already have caliber of 3 inch then the cannon is very-very off in scale, its true, wing guns in this game shoots Three Inches Bullet , if the cannon shoot (what the game says 50mm) then it probably will shoot 6-8 Inches bullet

  • Procrastination one month ago


  • The best suspension I’ve ever made! one month ago

    Btw i have also made one of my best suspension with "accidentally" making a wishbone (not double) suspension, and video is failed to play for me...

  • QnA With Universegaming 2 months ago

    @Shadowed I haven't done any collab yet, but i do thanks @Spikerya and @TakicraftCorporation for their magnificent car engine that i love to use, although i can make it myself im not really that good at making my engine and sometimes even fail the whole engine along with the car completely, but my engine is in my opinion far more realistic in the piping, although as Takitech says realistic piping needs a massive amount of parts

    Out of that, thanks for noticing this post @Shadowed

  • Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte: 400 FOLLOWERS! Thanks You! 2 months ago

    Btw the said main cannon is actually a main gun for KMS admiral scheer

  • Scout Takahe 2 months ago

    Yay, the "Thicc but Quicc" SUV is here

  • Airsoft Minigun 2 months ago


    "BUT ITS NOT AUTO, THIS IS AUTO (SHOWS 2500 bullet in 1 minute shot)"

    "Dayum dude, Okay"

  • Telsa Cibertruck 3 months ago

    Now you must put A Real Electric Engine on this car

  • FA-36G Hoplite 4 months ago

    @11qazxc Better have a very-very good radar then, that long nose surely can be housing a very powerfull radar

  • SimplePlanes broke 4 months ago

    @randomusername (looking at my plane inventory) Well s*...

  • [SPMRP] Orchards of tension 4 months ago

    Trislandia will commence operation Zenmetsu (destruction) to tiger base, to all that country that have wright airport and yeager airport along with its naval base please be advised that we will come in huge number, so if you can please spare some space for us, or if we can't we will go Straigth to attack tiger base right away, we come with:

    7 Kure II Class aircraft carrier with 700 plane consisting of 300 fighter and 400 bomber
    1 Preußen class battleship
    10 Tora class DDG
    50 Shturm class PT Boat
    4 andromeda II class Guided missile Batflecruiser
    2500 soldier carried by 25 plane
    5 tanker airplane

    They have done too much, they must pay the consequence

  • Su-22 Fitter 4 months ago

    Make it an indian air force Fitter J

  • Pocket Battleship (BRP Bohol) 4 months ago

    She Thiccccc, And Now We Need To Think About Bullet Drop Now Are We?

  • SP and SR2 4 months ago

    @Alta2809 Plus Yes, Tully Respected, SR2 Ok..., SP Amazing, @Awsomur Confused, @Randomusername Feel Lonely Because No AI, SR2 Freefire, SP Not Even PUBG Anymore, Im Confused, Everybody confused

  • Airplane saddle 4 months ago

    Creation: "...Reasonably Small..."
    Me: *Spawning My Trusty Car (Not IRL)

  • BT-42, you are in Australia 4 months ago

    GrayStillPlays: "...They Say That The Australian Can Live Upside Down"

  • Sovereign of the Seas-class BBGN 4 months ago

    @KerlonceauxIndustries You're Good Then, If You Were To Be In RLRP (Probably Dead) You Can't Use This Beast In The RP, My Preuben Class Which Have 450mm HEAP Cannon Is Illegal To Sail Anywhere Because Its Gun Caliber, We Have Been Testing It Though Along With My Secret Missile Destroyer, You May See My Forum Post Called The Maiden Voyage And The Problem With Preußen Class Battleship In My Bio For More Explanation

  • TC-4 4 months ago

    @randomusername Well This Should Be Fun, I Wanna See Andrew Trying To Figure Out How In The World The Thing Can Go Literally This Fast...

  • ACS-59 4 months ago

    An Airliner That Can Do Post Stall? We Only Need Hope That Half Of The Passenger Doesn't Die When Im Trying To Do The So Called "Post Stall Manuveur"

  • Mitsubishi Galant V6 Supercharged 5 months ago

    No, That Is Not "Another Goddamn Galant"

    This Thing Is Beautiful To Me, I Like The Details

  • tank challenge (ended) 5 months ago

    Oh This Is Going To Be Fun Once Again

  • Wat shiuld i buld 5 months ago

    @randomusername @Thelegitpilot13 The Porsche 956 Is Really A Good Idea, For The Panzermaus Heres Some Memes To It: "Oh Look, Vadim Look, A Panzermaus, Look At It Struggling To Climb That Hill"

  • Acandima XP-400 T 12X12 5 months ago

    Kapitann General: Now This Is What I Named "Going To War With Style"

  • Air Tanker Challenge 5 months ago


    Three More Days Boys, Three More

  • Simple Mirror 5 months ago

    Im On Mobile And Didn't Have Problem With This, If Its Using Default Color In Uploader Side The End Product That The Downloader Will Get Is A Normal White Color, You Need To Use Custom Color And If Not The Fuselage Will Turn Plain White Again, Just Use Color Editor Mod, Put 1 And 10 On The Last 2 Bar, Should Be Super Glossy

  • Boredom Form 5 months ago

    @randomusername You Play The Mr.Krabs Mini Violin, That Is Impressive How He Can Play A Violin Smaller Than Our Own Hand

    You Were Just The Elon Musk Of SP Basically...

  • Boredom Form 5 months ago

    @randomusername *Does Not Include Electric Engine That Can Basically Do Anything

  • When XML Modding Goes Too Far... 6 months ago

    @randomusername For F Sake I Forgot About The ()

  • Weapons under water. 6 months ago

    Weapon Will Gone In About 50Ft Or 16 Meter (For Those Who Use Metric Conversion), Bomb & Missile Will Dissapear, Gun Range Will Be Nullified To Only Approx. The Lenght Of The Gun Itself, Rocket Were The Only Immortal Underwater So Far...

  • Engine challenge 6 months ago

    @Fechiboy Holy Heck I Feel Small, That Is A Little Bit Overboard I Guess

  • How to land the second highest rated aircraft on SimplePlanes 6 months ago

    ~Literally No One~

  • BALD EAGLE piston powered 6 months ago

    "One Of The Most Dangerous Bird Has Come To Wreck Any Aircraft"

    Nice Bird Though

  • Airplane, Ship, Car, Space/Rocketship Name 6 months ago

    @randomusername That's Why Your Creation Always Start With Letter And End With 1 Or 2 Number