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Hello Guys, This Is Warshipdude

Welcome to Trislandia, We accept you as ally except if you bring war to us

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I think im getting crazy with making ships and 4 barrel gun turret but who cares, i love ships so much that i can make ships in just 4-8 hour, and i have also tried to make my ship more detailed, for now im making a Pocket Battleship and then moving on to Light Cruiser, you may ask "is Pocket Battleship actually a battleship?", i said not really, its not a Battleship, its not a Heavy Cruiser and its not a Battlecruiser, Graf Spee and other Deutschland Class is the only ship that was called a pocket battleship, now you will also ask "what sort of arnament did you use, even if that said arnament is not allowed?", its quite a variation actually, my Battleship usually use around 14-18 Inch for main guns and 7 inch for casemate or secondary, my Battlecruiser also use the same one as Battleship, my Heavy Cruiser use 7-12 Inch for main guns and 5 inch secondary, i know you wanna say "that's bloody huge", it is huge but i don't care that much, my Light Cruiser use 5-7 Inch, somewhat small? Yes, its basically use Destroyer gun, my Destroyer also use 5 Inch which is to be fair..., massive, for Aircraft carrier i might gonna use 5 inch too

"Oh You Surely Doesn't Want To Mess With Me Because Trust Me, Im A Mean Guy If I Had Enough..."

Im An Android Player, So Expect A Lot Of Things Coming From This Little Indonesian Boy

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1st "By far the fishiest spider in simpleplanes"
*2nd "They Call It The Goldfish Cracker Mail Service

I know quite a bit about ships, warship to be exact..., expect me talking about ships, i dont know why but im just obsessed with ships as for now, i also have new project

[Interesting Stuff]
I will now mostly makes warships and ships in general, for now that is...

Project Dream Fleet

A fleet of dream ships, ships that appear on sailors dreams and chosen to be built by Trislandia Navy

•Fantasma Class BB
•Nagato Class BB
•Pegasus Class CC (Battlecruiser)
•Destroyer Class CA

Project Lorekeeper

Basically stories made by me, an alternate history with Trislandia, and maybe some other fictional countries appearing in history, similarities to real life events can be coincidental, and if you found some parts of this story having some similarities to other media or games and you didn't like it appearing i will remove it at moments notice (as long as i do see the comments)

This Is Universegaming, Hope You Guys Comment, Like And Subscribe, See You Guys Next Time

Previously known as TrislandianAlliance