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Hello Guys, This Is Universegaming

Welcome to Trislandia, We accept you as ally except if you bring war to us

[Joined in: 01-09-2019]

"Oh You Surely Doesn't Want To Mess With Me Because Trust Me, Im A Mean Guy If I Had Enough..."

Im An Android Player, So Expect A Lot Of Things Coming From This Little Indonesian Boy

Best Comment: "They Call It The Goldfish Cracker Mail Service"

Im A 15 Years Old E-Book Novelist, Youtuber And I Love Making Story Out Of My Airplane In Wattpad, Check It BTW My Wattpad Account Were: Universegaming

I Love Russian So Expect A Little Bit Of That, I Love WW2 Story, I Have My Own Story At Wattpad Named "The Simpleplanes Story" So Be Sure To Check It Out, It Include 4 Company That Each Have Their Own Country, U.corp, DS.enterprise, And, V.corp

U.corp, The Master Of Air Superiority

DS.enterprise, The Master Of The Sea

V.corp, The Master Of Stealth

Currently In Process Of Equipment Modernization, Expect Me Kinda Struggle When Comes To New Equipment

[Interesting Stuff]
We have our own custom shop now modifying TDM (Trislandia Domestic Market) and SDM (SimpleLandia Domestic Market) Cars, even accept custom parts if wanted

RLRP (Real Life Roleplay, By No Longer With Us Anymore @Jim1the1squid)

SPMRP (By @MTakach)

This Is Universegaming, Hope You Guys Comment, Like And Subscribe, See You Guys Next Time

Roleplay kinda dies out because no activities...