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Important Notice

Do not ask to connect with me on another social media service, I simply don't do that. Also, if someone contacts you on another social media site/app claiming to be me, they're lying. I only have one account with the username SledDriver, and that is on SimplePlanes. Neither have I ever used an alternate account on SimplePlanes.com.

First, and so far the the only player to successfully build a wide variety of generated shapes using scripts.

Creator of builds that are the most stable in flight, easiest to handle, and highest-performing, and weapons that are by far the most accurate and effective, in the SimplePlanes universe.

Inventor of the plasma shotgun, bomb cannon, the aerial autocannon, flying full-auto howitzer, bomb shotguns (grid pattern, linear pattern), mortars that can destroy all three ships with high-trajectory shots and, even better, destroy the Snowstone missile base all the way from Wright Airport, cannons that hover, a howitzer with a spotter drone that can hit any direct line-of-sight target from any flat location in the sandbox, the first, and so far the only effective round-shot cannon in SimplePlanes, the first true spaceship, a TV guided missile, a guided missile that launches multiple warheads, the remotely detonated drone bomb, and many, many more original creations.

Some of my low part count builds:

I block people for being rude, stupid, or annoying in some other way, not because they disagreed with me or criticized my builds. Blocks are permanent.

My shader pack for Reshade is available here.


Why don't you use landing gear?

I do, when I feel like it. Click here for an explanation of why I usually don't.

Why are your builds so large?

Click here.