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Hello. Sorry for my englisch.

Something about me:
-I live in Bavaria (Germany)
-I am 15 years old
-I like old planes, for example WWII planes
-My favorite planes are the North American B-25 Mitchell and
the Grumman F-14 Tomcat
-I build my planes on Computer (Windows 10)
-Simple Planes is one of my favorite games
-War Thunder, GTA IV and BeamNG.drive are my favorite
games too

And here is something about my "company":
-I build cars, boats and tanks. But what i build most is
airplanes. There are some different types, for example the bombers (SG B-20), the fighters (SG F-86 Stuka), the cargoplanes (SG C-105), the planes for civil people or freetime (SG S-1), and then i build some other stuff (Magic Plane).

Have a nice day! 😎