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About me:
I am an Indonesian student interested in Aviation. I build low-profile fighter jets and sometimes regional Airliners.
I only have a Laptop from 2009 so my builds will be mobile friendly
MY Fictional company:

Feel free to do anything to my builds. Upvote them if you liked it :)
I'm also Interested in technologies

(The i7 is not my processor, but whatever)

(That's my processor)

Check my screenshots using the link down below


SP Allies:


Some of my Screenshots:

Something Useful:

- I like Planes
- I like Samsung
- My trusted Laptop Brands are; HP, ASUS, RAZER, Microsoft, and Dell
- I like Intel and AMD
- Currently using Windows 7
- (Originally) Gold achieved on 10th of May 2019 at 8:19 PM GMT +7.00 thanks to @USSR
- Gold Achieved on 15th of May 2019 at roughly 6:54 PM GMT +7.00 Thanks to @CrashFighter05
That's all I gotta say
Also, I'm from 🇮🇩Indonesia!🇮🇩
Also, I like 🇷🇺RUSSIA🇷🇺

(Also, I'm sorry if I can't say thanks to all of your upvotes)