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  • Pod Racer - Wakescar Skywalker v3 11 months ago

    Use tires and scale them in one axis so they are flat, hide them places and the tires will still push from the ground as if they are round. The bigger the tire the better


  • Did A Windows 10 update kill anyone elses Simple Planes? 2.4 years ago

    @Gestour I was behind on that but it didnt change anything.

    @Minecraftpoweer I dont have an issue loading or exiting. it just seems to load everything but the game screen, I even get the "Running" icon in my start bar but it never switches to full screen and when i click the Icon to try and switch from the desktop to the game it does nothing..... but i can hear SP music.... I hate windows.

  • Super Stol V2 2.4 years ago

    @IguasOs My copy of the Game is not working atm, so this is from memory (the plane is quite old) but I'm pretty sure there are small cylinders that I placed on the fuselage and nudged into location that let me mount the control arms and shocks for the suspension. hope that helps.

  • Precious Metal P-51 V2.5 2.5 years ago


  • RZ-1 A-Wing 2.6 years ago

    the Hover mode on this thing is sooooo perfect!

  • General Motors DUKW 2.6 years ago

    they also had the ability to adjust the tire pressure from inside the truck so they could run low pressure on sandy beaches and high pressure on paved surfaces. love the DUK!

  • De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver 2.7 years ago

    this. is. PERFECT!

  • Monster Beetle 2.7 years ago

    @ShatSlanger thanks for the upvotes!

  • KEITH RIDER R-4 RUBBER POWERED 2.7 years ago

    I love stick and tissue!

  • Globe Swift GC-1B 2.7 years ago

    @Liquidfox @jamesPLANESii @DahezDefalt
    Thanks Guys!
    Ya, James I had this thing sitting half done for a year. It had some wack flight characteristics I couldn't fix. I figured it out to day and pushed it to the finish line.

  • 1.7 mule 2.7 years ago

    @Carsong1017 I have one coming out soon!

  • Super Stol V3 2.7 years ago

    That's one way to do it lol. Check out the float plane version I made also.

  • Business jet 2.8 years ago

    I live near Greensboro, Love this Jet, it also has some of the smallest most powerful (for the size) turbines being made today jointly by GE and Honda.

  • 1.7 mule 2.8 years ago

    Thanks! @Wakescar I've been lacking the motivation, but 1.6 and 1.7 are getting the juices flowing.

  • 1974 Jaguar XJ12 (1:1) 2.8 years ago

    you're going to do one with a Blown 350 now right?

  • Voodoo 2017 Reno Races 2.8 years ago

    Did you see the world record attempt?

  • Noxious Toxide 3.2 years ago

    The suspension is beautiful!

  • Rockwell X-31 - Thrust Vectoring! 3.2 years ago

    @TTHHSSSS lol that thrust vectoring is wild! nice job, thats a fun ride!

  • Ford Trimotor 3.2 years ago

    It Flies as nice as it looks!

  • Super Stol Floater V2 3.2 years ago

    @TTHHSSSS Thanks!, Im off school for the summer so I'll likely finish some of my projects lol!

  • Super Stol Floater V2 3.2 years ago

    That was fast! Thanks for the spot light! @EliteIndustries1
    Thanks for the UpVote @DeezDucks , You've gotten a few points since the last time I was on lol congrats on Platinum! though it looks like you've been there a while.

  • Hurricane mk1 3.2 years ago

    this is a very pretty plane, nice work!

  • Super Stol V2 3.2 years ago

    @Mookr The suspension doesn't do anything for take off, but the long travel and supple tuning lets you throw the plane down with full brakes and the plane doesn't bounce or smack the prop on the ground. It's 75% of what makes the thing so easy to land.

  • Super Stol V2 3.2 years ago

    @Mookr Lots of wing area, Flaps, lots of suspension tuning, and add lightness!

  • Let's see some awesome STOL landings 3.2 years ago

    @Mookr I let my illuminati membership run out (the dues were outrageous) and I cant edit video so I guess we'll go with the last option XD

  • (Full interior) Twin prop 3.2 years ago

    Jeepers. This thing blew up for some reason!
    Thanks @SimpleFlow and @RedHawk for the spotlights and for all the upvotes @Hayhayjam664 @BaconAircraft @EternalDarkness @ChiChiWerx @PaderiegeZ @kerothehero and @ShockRF !

  • Saunders-Roe SR.A1 3.3 years ago

    I've been meaning to do one of these for a while, nice job!

  • Lil' Lite Box 3.4 years ago

    Lol, flys indefinitely with the ability to gain altitude (slowly) at 4% throttle and 16mph. STOL win

  • Super Stol V2 3.4 years ago

    @Archimedian Thanks! It's definitely over powered for a legit bush plane but I left it that way because it allows for some fun stunts


  • Super Stol V2 3.6 years ago

    Thanks! @Dynimerous

  • Pod Racer - Wakescar Skywalker v3 3.6 years ago

    Thanks! @iwannabeelected

  • DUW RB-66 STOL 3.6 years ago

    The site wont let me post the code example but it begins with part ID="###" and ends usually with Materials="0" add the mass scale at the very end of this line. when you check the plane in game, remember you have to refresh it before the changes show. and I suggest only modifying a few lines at a time before checking because that makes it easier to locate any typing errors you make, if you do make any the plane wont load and you will have to go through the parts you typed to sort it out.

  • DUW RB-66 STOL 3.6 years ago

    so find your Aircraft designs folder in the file where you keep simple planes. In that file will be an XML file for all your designs. select the one to modify.
    this is an example of a part code

    It begins with "Part ID" and a number the secret is adding the "massScale=###" at the end of each part line, by default this is assumed to be 1 so any thing smaller with make the part weigh less as in .5 will make the part half weight. I generally have a target weight in mind so lets say my completed model weighs 6000 lbs and I need it to weigh 1800 lbs, 1800 divided by 6000 = .3 therefore if i want my 6000lbs craft to weigh 1800 lbs I add "massScale=".3"" at the end of all my part lines.

    once you figure out how to get into the XML files you can crack open mine and others planes to get all our tricks. it will really boost your building skills

    Hope this helps!

  • DUW RB-66 STOL 3.6 years ago

    I will do I short write up tomorrow, I have to take a look at it to refresh my memory!

  • DUW RB-66 STOL 3.6 years ago

    I I don't have much time for sp during the year but I could walk you through how to mod the weight if you like. It can be tedious depending on the part count but it isn't difficult.

  • Super Stol V2 3.6 years ago

    @Raven thank you!

  • Super Stol V2 3.6 years ago

    @DownUnderWing the weight and aesthetics and flaps and shocks are what i can think of right now. the weight and the shock tuning are what gives the plane its nice bounce free landing charictaristics

  • Super Stol V2 3.6 years ago

    Thanks! @DownUnderWing

  • North American T-28B Trojan (Collab w/BogdanX) 3.6 years ago

    The Trojan is one of my all time favorite trainers. If there was only a way to capture its unique engine sound in the game!

  • iN-Tech Caribou-Turbine 3.6 years ago

    there was a disturbance in the force, i checked SP for the first time in months and BAM, Insertname made another cool stol.

  • Super Stol V2 3.8 years ago

    @Piolt1 glad you like it!

  • Pod Racer - Wakescar Skywalker v3 3.8 years ago

    @Johndfg thank you very much sir! I have been a ghost around here lately but I can see you are absolutely killing it!

  • Sea Duck V2 3.8 years ago

    @jlewisifer thanks kind sir!

  • Super Stol V2 3.8 years ago

    Thanks! @TheRubyArmy1134

  • Precious Metal P-51 V2.5 3.8 years ago

    Sure @StormstarHTF

  • Ultra S.T.O.L. 3.8 years ago

    It will be a while till I can fly it because of school and work but I'm sure it's rad like always! @Insertname

  • Super Stol V2 3.8 years ago

    Thanks @bigguns1234

  • Rustic Spade II 3.9 years ago

    Sure thing! @Insertname

  • Super Stol V2 3.9 years ago

    @YoshiDino2014 thank you!

  • The Phoenix (Flight of the Phoenix part 2) 3.9 years ago

    Thanks! This was a fun one, might be time for an update