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Hello there!
I'm just a dude who uploads stuff at random intervals. I joined SP in 2016, but started building and uploading stuff a year later.

I mostly build planes, mainly fighters but I did make a helicopter and some bombers. I have plans to make other stuff like ships and land vehicles, but that could come later because I'm too lazy for that. Also, English isn't my first language, so I might make grammatical errors sometimes. I apologize in advance for that.

Also a proud member of the Simple Planes Fraternity of Aces.

Some random stuff about me:
- I'm from the Philippines
- I'm a male, born on 10/25/02. Go figure.
- I like history, especially about WW2
- my favorite plane is the F4U Corsair

Gmail account: razor3278@gmail.com (you can contact me here for stuff you want to discuss privately)

Notable builds:
A-28 Storm in exhibition camo, silver celebration build
B-41 Antares, gold celebration build
Supermarine Stalker, most upvoted build (35+ upvotes)
AF-33 Reprisal, experimental weaponry platform
FA-24 Archon, my first featured boi

Thank you for reading my half-assed bio and please do check out my builds below!