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This playeth'r hast not ent'r'd a biographyeth.

I like building planes.
Upload schedule?


Don't expect much. I make stuff that looks good to me.
I like jets, WW2 fighters, and stuff like that. Airliners are boring to make. I probably won't make any. (But they're fun to fly)
I am the owner of P.Corp. (Formerly Phoztek Inc.)
Also I like upvoting newer players to encourage growth.
You'll find me commenting and upvoting alot on the forums.
Other games I play:
BeamNG Drive
War Thunder
I know, so many right? I have more, but I've lost interest in them.

Silver achieved: idk lol I didnt even know what ranks were then.
Gold achieved: September 5th, 2018

And thats it. Check out some of my planes if you care. They're ok.