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i make really weird things that test out new concepts or are just low effort

alot of my posts are minecraft things, and i make them to work how they are intended to. my phantom build flaps its wings like it does in minecraft and my elder guardian swims with a tail like it does in minecraft.

my goal is to make EVERY minecraft mob in simple planes.

I will be making the bipedal minecraft mobs last. i'm having some trouble with those

Full list, any blue text is a clickable link to that mob, im going to start updating some of the older ones to have more features, check back on this list often if you like them

Minecraft Allay
Minecraft Axolotl
Minecraft Bat, June 30th 2023 added auto orient for landing
Minecraft Bees
Minecraft Blaze
Minecraft Cat/Ocelot
Minecraft Camel
Minecraft Cave Spider
Minecraft Chicken
Minecraft Cod/Salmon
Minecraft Cow
Minecraft Creeper
Minecraft Dolphins
Minecraft Donkey/Mule
Minecraft Drowned
Minecraft Elder Guardian
Minecraft Ender Dragon, June 8th 2023 added a 3rd missile, yaw control, and missile bullets
Minecraft Enderman
Minecraft Endermite
Minecraft Evoker
Minecraft Fox
Minecraft Frog, June 29th 2023 increased the general movement speed
Minecraft Ghast
Minecraft Glow Squid
Minecraft Goat
Minecraft Guardian
Minecraft Hoglin
Minecraft Horse
Minecraft Husk
Minecraft Iron Golem
Minecraft Llama
Minecraft Magma Cube
Minecraft Mooshroom
Minecraft Panda
Minecraft Parrot
Minecraft Phantom
Minecraft Pig
Minecraft Piglin/Piglin brute
Minecraft Illagers including vex
Minecraft Polar Bear
Minecraft Pufferfish
Minecraft Rabbit
Minecraft Ravager
Minecraft Sheep
Minecraft Shulker
Minecraft Silverfish
Minecraft Skeleton
Minecraft Slime
Minecraft Sniffer
Minecraft Snow Golem
Minecraft Spider, June 8th 2023 added self righting
Minecraft Squid
Minecraft Stray
Minecraft Strider
Minecraft Tropical fish
Minecraft Turtle
Minecraft Villager
Minecraft Wandering Trader
Minecraft Warden
Minecraft Witch
Minecraft Wither
Minecraft Wither Skeleton
Minecraft Wolves
Minecraft Zombie
Minecraft Zombified piglin

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