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Well, after 8 years of playing this game, I should probably talk a bit about myself.

I am Chinese that is very fluent in English. I am currently in US studying.

This game is probably the one that I have played the most. My journey in engineering sandbox started with Besiege but I disliked the blocky nature of the game. Therefore, I switched to this game due to its powerful building system. At the time I started playing Simpleplanes, I only had an iPad. This means I have no access to any mods which contributed to the poor quality of my early builds. Still, I had quite the fun with it and it has become a core memory during my hard time in Chinese high school. At that time, I was obsessed with the Macross series, so I built a ton of variable fighters. VF-25 was the one that finally broke me due to its complex transforming sequences.

After I got into college, I decided to take a break from Simpleplanes because I accidentally broke my PC with XML editing. Later, I got into another engineering sandbox game called Main Assembly, it had a free-forming modeling system that was even more powerful than that of Simpleplanes. In addition, it features a built-in programming system which allows for a lot of interesting builds. Unfortunately, that game was too hard for people to get in so it eventually died.

And here I am, back onto Simpleplanes. After updates that feature mods from WNP78, Simpleplanes is more powerful than ever. In addition, I am playing on PC which means I can do a lot more. I am not sure what the future holds. But with Simpleplanes 2, I am looking forward to spending another decade with you all.