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  • Samoua PT-45 -152mm Vr.2 !BROKE! 6 months ago

    Im sorry that the add on armor for the tank is broke I will fix it tomorrow or at some point. 😐

  • what I want to do wargaming 8 months ago

    Have you ever thought about making your own thing not to rude or anything but using other people's thing gets boring doesn't it. You should try to make a tank or a boat or an airplane from scratch. It will improve your score .

  • A question 13 days ago

    @randomusername thanks for the help

  • Tank 4 months ago

    Oh that's a easy fix. Just set the engine to Pitch then it should be able to go forward and backward.

  • AMX 50/40 122mm French Artillery VR.2 5 months ago

    @AWESOMENESS360 well thanks. One thing this isn't a replica

  • Im gona build this 5 days ago


  • Where I Permanently Wanna Live When I Grow Up 5 days ago

    @JamesBleriot PIZZA TIME

  • Very Annoying Game Bug 5 days ago

    What do you play this game on? If it's android i can see your problem. You may have accidentally pressed it twice. Or that the game freezes thinking that you didn't click the first time, so you click it a second.

  • Aircraft 5 days ago

    Thank you very much!

  • Haalp! 5 days ago

    I also have been adding more detail to the Jadgchieftan. And for you Supersix i made the cannon a more appropriate size.

  • Death spincannon 11 days ago


  • A question 13 days ago

    @randomusername how much power?. Does it also require a separate engine. And a customized wheel?

  • M4A3E8 Sherman “Easy Eight” 18 days ago

    @ChiyomiAnzai wdym?

  • M4A3E8 Sherman “Easy Eight” 19 days ago

    @ChiyomiAnzai I'm trying to say you did well. Better than I can. Props

  • M4A3E8 Sherman “Easy Eight” 19 days ago

    Holly shit

  • Jadgchieftan Final upload 23 days ago

    @SuperSix wdym?

  • Leviathan self propelled 220mm gun 26 days ago

    Not to bad.

  • Goodbye Simpleplanes one month ago

    @AWESOMENESS360 I do not plan on deleting my account. I still play just don't post.

  • SBD Dauntless one month ago

    Not to shaby

  • M41 HMC Re upload one month ago

    @JediWolf oh i see.

  • M41 HMC Re upload one month ago

    @JediWolf I'm sorry but you are incorrect.

  • T-26G FT 2 months ago

    Is this tank showing up on jet-stream? Cause I don't see it.

  • A 50 Fast Tank 2 months ago

    Looks like a churchill.

  • M44 GMC 2 months ago

    @Baby the KV-2 W.I.P?

  • M44 GMC 2 months ago

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I have noticed that I made mistakes with the rear of the tank please understand that I messed up xD. Anyways I still hope you enjoyed.

  • M44 GMC 2 months ago

    @Baby post whatever you need help with and then tell me. I'll make the tracks. None of the credit will go to me.

  • M44 GMC 2 months ago

    @Baby i can help with that

  • M44 GMC 2 months ago

    @Baby ok what's the problem?

  • M44 GMC 2 months ago

    @Baby how can I help?

  • M44 GMC 2 months ago

    Sorry there are only two pictures. For some damn reason it's been deleting the 2nd picture.

  • Flu style off-road car 3 months ago

    I appreciate basing it off of one of my old tanks.

  • AMX 50/40 122mm French Artillery VR.2 4 months ago

    So close from 1000 downloads!

  • AMX 45 105mm/kk 4 months ago

    @LOWEWAYY eh don't feel like making it i do have the VK100 turret half way done though.

  • AMX 45 105mm/kk 4 months ago

    @SuperSix no it doesn't and also I think the cannon is a good size. Remeber it's not about realism........ well sometimes but not this time.

  • T25 AT 4 months ago

    @LOWEWAYY yep

  • cuttaway 4 months ago

    Any version of the none cutaway?

  • New tank 4 months ago

    @LOWEWAYY kk

  • T18 Howitzer Motor Carrage (NEW PROJECT) 4 months ago

    How's your T18 going? Making any progress?

  • New tank 4 months ago

    When i posted my recent tank you put VK.100 in comments. Does that mean you want me to make it?

  • Help! 4 months ago

    @aplayer ok

  • Help! 4 months ago

    One of the biggest reasons for lag is the shadows. Same for me.

  • Help! 4 months ago

    Take off shadows. Put terrain on medium. Put water on low. Put graphics on low. You can leave physics and aircraft reflection the same. Then It should be perfect.

  • T25 AT But with my old account Last canon 5 months ago

    @MSGamezYXZ360 I used a Samsung Tab to build it. Another way to decrease lag is lowering the water detail, physics, and the terrain, also you can take of the shadows as well. I hope this helped you.

  • AMX 50/40 122mm French Artillery VR.2 5 months ago

    @ASDFASDF1 I'm not sure I could use anything that will dip down instead of going straight up.

  • TF-1 Bouncer 5 months ago

    Its better than mine

  • FV4005 FINAL! 5 months ago

    @ASDFASDF1 yeah I will post the no mod version

  • AMX 50/40 122mm French Artillery VR.2 5 months ago

    @ThomasRoderick it's a 122mm cannon

  • IT-A Tank AAT30 5 months ago

    Ok this is dope

  • AMX 50/40 122mm French Artillery VR.2 5 months ago

    @GeneralOliverVonBismarck I do agree that I has fast reverse speed is would like to make the tank slower 50mph is the lowest I can go. I don't agree with it looking like a KV-2 tho xD.