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He this is NoTimeForLaughing here. Let me tell ya you can laugh but only when needed anyways:

I am 15 and currently in 9th grade.
B day 05-24-2005
I will not tell you my name cause y'know creeps out there.
For some odd reason im fascinated by Tanks and armoured cars. I have no idea why. I guess it all started in 2016 whem my dad downloaded World of Tanks on his Xbox.

I joined the SP community 2.1 years ago (Will be updated). I never thought that I would make it as far as I did. Im not by any means popular. I just do It for fun.

I used to play World of Tanks Blitz (WOTB) but quit due to my tablet not being able to handle it. After I get a newer tablet thats not from 2015 you will see more uploads. I will also start playing WOTB again.

Some of my favorite Tanks.
M47 Patton (American)
Churchill GC (3-inch Gun Carrier) (British)
T18 HMC (American)
T20 medium Tank (American)
AT-1 (Russian)
T26E1 (Super Pershing) (American)
M26 Pershing (American)
Lorriane 155 mle.50 (France)
Jadgchieftan (British)