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I'm a bit of an 'ideas' man, that is to say I will think of something and wonder if it will work.
This leads to some strange/interesting things on the odd ocassion.
Sometimes they even work. Ha.

I mostly do this to relax and let my mind run around a bit.

Most aircraft I design, I upload as soon as I am happy with the way they fly.
As soon as I get them to that point, I clean them up, put some nice paint on them and upload it.
I'm not into doing a lot of detail very often.

I've been around the interwebs since mIRQ was the chat program to use and multiplayer was only via network, not over the internet. You had to physically have your computer within spitting distance and use ethernet cables to play.
Yes, I'm old. :P

EDIT: Wright Islands Airbase seems to have become my main base of operations.