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I love and understand every geometric inch of suspension, I do a lot of Raido Controll stuff, cars, planes, helicopters, quads, so I know a lot about all of them and have physical examples on hand of various mechanisms from them. So basically with this experience along with my 5 or so years of playing SP, I have made some of the best vechiles and suspension this game has ever seen, I have some incredible scale designs that drive like thier IRL counter parts and I have Performance designs that drive like nothing else and I probably have a record of two for some of the challenges? 39 sec. Grand Prix, 4 wheeles 4 car engines, an infinite flight for, Going the Distance, using an onrithcopter that can go 230 mph, and some very manoverable planes that have set some incredible times on some of the manoverabality challenges.

All in all it you want to learn a thing or two about this game, and how to build stuff right you can talk to me, I'm happily here to help.