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  • flesh plane 11 months ago

    Hey look, the Spore servers are back online again!

  • How to QAAM unethically 1.3 years ago

    Here’s another trick I discovered: First, lock on to an enemy aircraft with an Air-to-Air Missile, then right when it’s locked on target, immediately switch to air-to-ground mode and launch either an inferno, or, if you want something ridiculous, a cleaver. It’s a nifty exploit that shouldn’t be overlooked.

  • FOX ONE 7 months ago

    Noice 👍 👍 😜

  • SPSS-3 1.3 years ago

    @randomusername perhaps it is only iOS that doesn’t allow for XML modding, and it is also explicitly stated that you could no longer download simpleplanes mods on android due to new policies, perhaps following in the wake of Apple’s.

  • a bug in 1.10 sp? 3 months ago

    YES! This is precisely the glitch I was talking about in the forums!
    The fact that my cannons (the ones which fire bombs, rather than the actual cannon part from other previous update) no longer function properly anymore in this update. Hope we get a bug fix sooner than later. Six Thumbs up 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • XT-S-25 "Nightmare" warm color 4 months ago

    Wow, interesting, I never seen a fully functional zoom function inside the cockpit before
    ...Nice work

  • V.1200 Balkrjog 8 months ago

    Quite Realistic(ally sluggish) Speed, not surprisingly... that is cool...
    Ok, maybe just somewhat faster than reality, but still...

  • The secret of the Brown Pearl 1.2 years ago

    I found it it taking off from the gold prix raceway

  • Cart Titan refit 5 days ago

    I customized one myself too, using some of my own weapons systems, too bad I don’t plan on releasing it

  • Destroid Tomahawk 10 days ago

    The other official name: Warhammer, according to the unseen mechs in Battletech

  • Christmas tree Launcher 23 days ago

    You could also try it against the maywar and/or Bandit Patrol

  • Jingle Bells 23 days ago

    Amazing how explosions can make some music 🎶.
    Perhaps you could make other tunes as well...

  • Tactical Roomba 29 days ago

    A Vacuum cleaner with an M2 Browning FTW 😃😃😝🤩

  • G 67 R1 Springtail MLRS one month ago

    Nice Use of cannons as rockets you know... BTW using cleavers and other missiles still have a glitch, they clip through terrain regularly...

  • Eclipse Hornet one month ago

    Whoops, didn’t know, but that’s okay... @Baldeagle086

  • MAK - 21 Starglider light interceptor 2 months ago

    Amazing, I love how the wings have an emission effect via extreme negative opacity value...

  • B-5 "Manticare" 3 months ago

    Wait, isn’t it supposed to be “Manticore”? IDK if it’s a typo or if it’s supposed to be spelled like that...

  • Gawain 4 months ago

    OK, so I Figured out the controls for this Anubis/spider Robot (no offense) and here they are as Follows:

    AG1+ VTOL Up = Open and activate Shoulder Lasers, main booster

    AG2 + VTOL + Trim = Leg articulation, forward thrusters

    AG3 + VTOL + Trim = Arm Articulation

    AG4 + VTOL + Trim = Hand Articulation

    AG7 = Fire all missiles

    Oh and as a bonus, try this cool, nifty trick: First, Open the shoulders with AG1 (but don’t VTOL fully up, halfway up is best) then AG3 and both VTOL and Trim Up, then finally, after taking off, AG2 and VTOL down, with jut a very slight nudge up trim. Bingo! The Sitting God Mode xD 🤣

  • OR-04 4 months ago

    I used the same Funky tree’s mechanism too in one of my ornithopters.

  • F-22 in 22 parts 5 months ago

    I made it to bandit by simply increasing the fuel storage in the fuselage and nosecone (and that’s without even touching the built in overload xml editor)

  • Starship NCC-42131 Hibiki 5 months ago

    Particularly note how the one of the upper front gun disables when the lower gun is pointed down and vise versa, and how both guns are active when trim is centered. Nice work... ✔️

  • ZHB-305 Titan 5 months ago

    • I easily figured out the instructions myself:
    • Variable wings activate at 1000 kph
    • AG1 to open Bomb Bay
    • AG2 Jettisons all ordnance 🧨
    • AG3 for Parachutes 🪂
    • AG4 for Auxiliary Flaps
    • finally AG5 for Lights

  • HE-112, but it's a jet 5 months ago

    Nice use of the rockets for the exhaust smoke effect 👍👍

  • FW-8 Razorbat 6 months ago

    Easy stability Fix: Simply add a structural wing as a rudder, then nudge it into the fuselage so it stays hidden. This will allow it to fly more smoothly and not enter a spinout

  • Little Friend Mini 7 months ago

    Well, this is an improvement, with it being “actual Size” this time...

  • Rey’s Landspeeder 8 months ago

    Oh, and I figured that to hover, pitch up after the wait time when “warming up” with throttle, and wait time is about 15 seconds.

  • XT-F05 Einhorn 9 months ago

    @Sadboye12 oh, now I tried, at it worked. even though the UAVs are a nice touch, I still prefer using the laser array, which I actually read in the profile...

  • Me 263 11 months ago

    Nice work with the airspeed nose blades.

  • CRS-15 Aurous 11 months ago

    Wait... Aurorus?

  • can someone make this detacher activate with the fireweapons button? 11 months ago

    Place an XML-Modded, Infinite-life, thrustless rocket, on the flat top of the detacher part, then select whatever missile you would desire on the business end of the launcher. Therefore, when you try firing a rocket, The missile will simply dumb-fire without locking on.

    Case in Point

  • Why these parts are grate 11 months ago

    Bart Simpson’s rejected cousin? No, Wait... the first Lego Minifig

  • Farplehumpicus one year ago

    Like Sid the Sloth got Borged 😜😈 Great work...

  • Eggy Lander one year ago

    @Thorne I just felt like doing a peaceful affair this time, ok? ☮️👌
    After all, I usually prefer to arm them experimentally.

  • Traction City 1.2 years ago

    Just what I needed, a fully armed Sandcrawler....

  • Highest Education 1.2 years ago

    Mrs. Frizzle would be drooling over this 🤤

  • floating tractor 1.3 years ago

    What’s this? A new next-generation Optimus Prime?

  • SPSS-3 1.3 years ago

    Cool starship indeed... BTW, I prefer to call modded fuel tanks “Anti-Matter Blocks” or “Unobtainium Drives” because they must be “borrowed” if using a mobile device, since it is impossible to XML mod on said platform.

  • Manta 1.3 years ago

    Nice pseudo-lighting effect with the wings...

  • ALY-029 Starshards 1.3 years ago

    Very nifty and versatile starship design... one minor problem though: Any AI Air Traffic has a tendency to crash into it, but other than that, amazing.

  • Apollo Lunar Lander 1.1 1.5 years ago

    🌕Happy 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon 🚀

  • Apollo Lunar Lander (LEM) 1.5 years ago

    What a way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the mission to the moon 🌝 🚀

  • CASA C-101 Aviojet 1.5 years ago

    You know, I used to try and edit Spore Videos this way as well... to add in female voices (because whenever anyone made a female creature in spore, she always ended up sounding like a guy)

    BTW Nice plane

  • PTEROBUS - The Big Boney Birb Boi 1.6 years ago

    Three Words: Yabba Dabba Doo!!!

  • DPS-TXHybrid [No fuel, 100% Electric] [Alpha version] 1.7 years ago

    😮 OMG 😮 the ultimate physics breaker... it can perform ultra complex aerial maneuvers (especially with the yaw) land anywhere by drifting slowly down , and even travel underwater like a flying submarine, only smoother.

  • Flamethrower MK-1 2.0 years ago

    😲 wow 😮 this is awesome... perhaps I could mount this thing on a mech or something...

  • Snake 2.2 years ago

    Mega Rayquaza, Anyone? 😉

  • Destroyer-A 15 days ago

    Also, only 88 parts is impressive too (note: I added an intake for the jet at the back of the turret to allow air in, thus counting to 89, but still)

  • Destroyer-A 15 days ago

    Wait... This must be the Chrysler TV-8, a hypothetical nuclear powered tank from way back in the Cold War, but wasn’t built for obvious reasons...

  • [Halo: Reach] Falcon of the old decade. 15 days ago

    Yep, Happy 20th Anniversary Halo...
    BTW I have the Lego Set of this Chopper (actually it’s the UNSC Hornet)

  • FM-K Berlinetta 16 days ago

    If only I could have a flying car like that...