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  • Sweater Chang 9 months ago

    @1918 Good Work.

  • 1.10 Beta is now available 6 months ago

    Very good job, thank you for taking a little break from SR and doing this for us! Quick question though, in a future update, would it be possible for you guys to create a fuselage block that just makes holes in fuselage blocks? (Hollow and non-hollow) Kind of like a hole-punch. It would make high-detail things like windows and cockpits so much easier to build, as well as looking very clean for no extra parts. Especially in building airliner cockpits, it would help us to make much more detailed builds. We would be able to use the hollow fuselage to its full potential. Currently we can't really use the hollow fuselage for hollow body planes because there are no options for windows, bomb bays, hatches, etc. In my idea it would be possible for the "anti-fuselages" to only "cut" the parts that they are attached to, so that we can still put things in that spot afterwards. They would be made visible/invisible with a shortcut and would not be able to be seen or moved in the regular designer view, so they don't get in the way.

  • 747-200 CATHAY PACIFIC 2 months ago

    This plane looks nice, but it has some very serious issues when flying. The effort has not been put in to make the flight model accurate.

    1. Flaps have huge gaps in them.
    2. The model is obviously too short.
    3. It accelerates too quickly.
    4. Takes off in under a quarter of wright's runway
    5. Inboard ailerons should not go up when applying spoilers/speedbrakes in midair.
    6. When in midair, not all the spoiler panels should go up, and not all the way. They should be in "flight spoiler" mode, in which locks the furthest inside panel as well as the two outer ones.
    7. The spoiler panels are at like 80 degrees when extended
    8. Outboard ailerons should lock when in high-speed flight (this prevents wing twist)
    9. Aileron control is very bad at approach speeds.
    10. Did you even check the drag points?
    11. Main landing clips together when retracting
    12. The back door should be directly under the beginning of the base of the tail.
    13. Elevator control is abysmal at all speeds
    14. No suspension.
    15. No main gear steering.
    16. Back main wheels (the furthest back four) don't touch the ground.


    Visual model is mostly alright, but the flight model needs serious work.

    I know that you have it in you to make this thing fly right.

  • Kumamatanga Archipelago 1.7 years ago

    This mod's size is bigger than SP itself...

  • Fast Pepega 13 days ago


  • 1.10 Beta is now available 6 months ago

    @MAHADI true, but more restrictive. We would be able to make much more things if we had anti-fuselages. Just think about how easy it would be to make airliners. Windows punched out, and then focus on the important stuff like interiors instead of wasting time paneling and using billions of parts just for it to not be smooth.

  • PLAAF Chengdu J-20 7 months ago

    @ChrisPy yeah I feel like this thing is just an upvote magnet with a crap ton of parts and if you fly it, the illusion falls apart. If you take a look at the A330 Finn made you'll see a post of mine explaining that one as well. He is very good at detail but not at actual flight performance. If he focuses more work on the flight dynamics it will be much better.
    @FinnReignSUPREME I think you are doing well at outside appearance, but the flight dynamics need fixing. This plane is pretty unresponsive and doesn't control correctly.

  • >3900 Part Aircraft Nearing Completion 1.6 years ago

    The only things left to do are the IFE Satellite Hump, flightcrew rest area, actual flight dynamics, some of the overhead panel, lighting, and final touches to fix things up. This plane HAS TO be posted by Sunday because I'm going to Orlando on Monday.

  • Boeing 757-200 1.8 years ago

    All the people who have supported me:


    Thank you all so much for giving feedback, upvotes, and encouragement!

  • TEASER: Airbus A350 XWB Family 2.0 years ago

    How to make wingflex:
    Divide the wings into three or four parts. Then add rotators between the parts. (The rotators don't need to be bound to any key or even be movable). Then put a wing that creates lift in the winglet. As the plane gains speed, the wing at the end of the fuselage wing will create lift, bending the rotators and allowing the wing to flex upwards.

  • Boeing 767-400ER (Full Interior) Part 2 28 days ago

    @BassemT90 I built this on computer with 16GB ddr4, I don't think it will run for you.

  • The Queen of Skies [Ep2] Teaser 2 months ago

    @Sinnacraft Again, very good job! Don't forget the gear door funky trees!

  • Super Tiny Beta (v1.10.105) 4 months ago


    that the mirror function wrecks all the connections on detailed things. or example, when mirroring a detailed fuselage wing, the connections on the flaps and other parts are never in the right spot on the new side. It takes me up to an hour to fix all the connections manually.

    Also undo button

  • Delta 757-200 7 months ago


  • Kv-2 princes 7 months ago

    @FinnDuanyu7373 You don't know how scared I am in WOT when I see one of these and I'm a Tier V...

  • SimplePlanes - Player Content Feature #1 7 months ago

    @TheSavageManZ My goal is to get the 757 into here. I assume Jundroo can run 8k parts.

  • So I guess racism, sexism, homophobia, and bigotry is "cool" now... 8 months ago

    You should probably contact Discord if you want to report it, they aren't doing anything against the rules of this site since they aren't on it, they're on Discord. How can they be "held accountable" here? Just wondering. @asteroidbook345

  • 757 Update July 4 8 months ago

    @EpicPigster1 Thank you so much! My goal is to have the title of the highest part count and most realistic airliner on all of SP. Highest part count is my M600 (I think, 3862), most realistic is probably FiguredFC's A350. My goal is to also get front page of all time in the airliner tag. ~Don't look at the FPS though~

  • Mc'Douglas F/A-18C 8 months ago

    @Shadowed There used to be a time when silver and platinum users couldn't build anything good. That time is over.

  • 707-27-37 Nose 8 months ago

    @Sinacraft Well, if you'd like to have eyebrow windows, you can add them yourself. it'll be easy, just change a few of the top panels. It'll add a few more parts though.

  • .exe has stopped working 1.2 years ago

    @edensk Done

  • .exe has stopped working 1.2 years ago

    Had to remove upvote to keep even, sorry

  • [WEBW] F-136 GE600 SVTOL 1.9 years ago

    Still waiting for someone to build an F-35 around this...

  • Boeing 767-400ER Wing 12 days ago

    @WolfSpark Sorry about the part count, but I believe that it's required for the in-depth realism that I like to provide. The finished airplane will either be 9999, 10000, or some other number that looks nice, like 12345. Of course I will make a lower-detail version, probably one that doesn't have an interior cabin, one without a cabin and without a cockpit, and then a really low detail one with about 2000 parts.
    @CB76565 The plane that this wing was built for (which is not finished yet) has a full interior and will have a full cockpit. It will even include crew rest areas. It will be laggy.

  • Boeing 767-400ER Wing 13 days ago

    @PlaneFlightX The finished airplane should be able to run on a 9700k, that's what I've got and it's clocked to 5.0 on air.

  • Boeing 767-400ER (Full Interior) 2 months ago

    @Gundamboy Sure! Expect about 4000 parts. Version with no seats or cockpit will be about 1500-2000!

  • Cooking Le Fish 2 months ago

    @AustralianBoi He roasted you

  • Standby Altimeter 3 months ago

    @CaspianGhostZ Thank you!

  • Airbus A321 American Airlines [Full Interior] 3 months ago

    @SavageMan I looked at the airplane a bit closer today. Before I list a few issues, I must say that the mobile version runs exceptionally well.

    1. The flaps are single-slotted, while on the real A321 they are double-slotted.
    2. The landing gear can be retracted on the ground (A * clamp01(AltitudeAgl > 10) could solve this if your landing gear down = 0)
    3. The wings have considerably less flap track canoes than they should, and the tracks clip through the wing when you put them up. Flaps move a bit too fast- 4 seconds is not enough (there should be at least 7 flap tracks on each wing)
    4. There's a little "thing" that looks like an inboard aileron on your wings when you put the flaps down.
    5. The landing gears should wait for the gear doors to open before they retract/extend.

    Now five good things, to end on a positive note!

    1. The fuselage is the best I have ever seen (hollow)
    2. Engines are basically perfect.
    3. Nose is perfect, you got the flat section above and behind the cockpit windows!
    4. The thinness of the airbus wing is shown beautifully.
    5. Probably the most important thing, the speeds are perfect. Lifts off at just the right speed, flares at just the right speed! Flight dynamics are amazing!

  • Airbus A310-300 Mahan Air 5 months ago

    Good job. Congratulations on your feature. This plane has the detail that it needs. The livery and other small details (and the screenshots) are very good. Maybe next time add cockpit interior?

    You're welcome for the engines blades and other small help!
    (Can't believe we got two great airliners in one week!)

  • SimplePlanes - Player Content Feature #2 6 months ago

    @TheSavageManZ 757 didn't get in :( maybe next month they will see it.

  • What Airliner Should I Create Next? 6 months ago

    @Panthers4741 You'll be able to download the hollow body version with no interior/cockpit. I suspect it'll be around 1,000 parts.
    @CSTIJN I'll consider it!

  • 757 Center Pedestal 6 months ago

    @SgtRXMT technically the finished 757 model is more intricate than FS9 models, in the fact that the model file itself, when exported, is larger in size than FS9 aircraft models. I can't export it because it would crash my computer.

  • Delta 757-200 6 months ago

    83 upvotes? Maybe we can hit 116? Thank you all for your support! That would help this build get to the front page of the airliners tag.

  • Delta 757-200 7 months ago

    @LucasNicky thank you!!
    @TheKugelblitz yup lol
    @PlaneFlightX thank you, all code and parts are public use. The code is kinda sloppy tho.

  • 757 Nose 8 months ago

    @QingyuZhou I used blueprint 100% of the way!
    @XAircraftManufacturer Thank you!

  • 707-27-37 Nose 8 months ago

    @Sinacraft Pardon?

  • Computer Specs 9 months ago

    @Zoowarp When I first saw your profile picture, I thought it was Saturn.

  • 757 Wing MK2 9 months ago

    @Omel and thank you for the support!

  • 757 Wing MK2 9 months ago

    @Omel How would I be able to do that? I've looked at a few other commercial aircraft on the site (including REW's 737) and it seems like when I try to use that method, it just doesn't look right.

  • Cessna 172S Skyhawk 1.2 years ago

    @Bthom9090 unless you live in Canada... Where it is always C...

  • 737 WingMK2.2 1.3 years ago

    @LeonardoEngineering @Diloph
    Thank you! I will hopefully be posting this winter, along with the MD-88 and a couple others planes.

  • 737 WingMK2.2 1.3 years ago

    @Mustang51 @Diloph @IisFailing
    Thank you very much for the support! I took this wing off of my 757 and spent about 10 hours modifying it for the 737! I still have to add VGs, trim tabs, engine details, and a few other things, but it is almost done.

  • New Airliner Teaser 1.5 years ago


    Thanks for checking this out.

  • A-318 Shot Down 1.8 years ago

    @JamesBleriot Haha I meant because of the amount of pax it had onboard!

    (A318 capacity is 132 passengers MAX)
    That leaves about 50 people with no seat.

  • Boeing 777-200 First Flight 1.9 years ago

    Cathay Paciic?

    (spelling mistake intended)

  • Mirage M300 1.9 years ago

    @RailfanEthan @T8flightcrafts Thank you for the feedback and positive support!

  • AAAaaAaAaAAaaaaaAAaaAAaaaaaA 1.9 years ago


    ^^That's how you break sp website^^

  • Flaps??? 3.1 years ago

    @klm747klm747 https://www.simpleplanes.com/a/S1KCnI/Boeing-737-300

  • My suggestions for future updates 5 days ago

    @realSavageMan We need Multiplayer, buttons that can be assigned custom outputs (buttons you can click that give an FT input out, say I press the autopilot button and it changes the value "autopilot" to 1, so the elevators, ailerons, engines, etc can read "autopilot = 1"
    The glass idea is great but we need anti-fuselage blocks that can just punch holes in other fuselage blocks. Actual legitimate holes that you can select things behind.