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Im french, Im 17 years old, I was learning to fly, the virus has arrived, and my flights alone are postponed until next year! Damn it!


My last plane : Mirage F1

Just a question, why google put the max speed of rafale at 1389 km/h ?
the real is 2130 km/h... The two Snecma M88 can push without problem up to Mach 2.2, but it is not recommended, it could deform the structure as on the Sr-71, which lost fuel due to the deformation of its structure ... So the Rafale is limited to Mach 1.8.

Answer: American propaganda! (like when they dont want dogfight with
mirages or rafales (in red flag) ... F35 is BAD, and rafale is the best
fighter plane of world !)

Pour les Français : Quand j'aurais le temps, je frabriquerais un beau Super-Mystère (le 1er chasseur supersonique européen)


M51 Nuclear missiles

For nuclear ballistic submarine (SNLE) Triomphant class

Are you wondering why France does not have destroyers??
False, the navy has 11 destroyers, but in France the word "destroyer" does not exist, so we put a "D" in front of the ship's registration, and an "F" for frigate.

Do you want a litle french frigate ? You just need glue, paper, scissors. Click HERE ___________________________

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