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Welcome to my profile page! I am Flippos, a 17 year old half-greek, half-german, spending most of my time on a tiny greek island somewhere in the Ionian Sea. I am not very active on this website anymore but if you tag me in a comment or you PM me on discord I will respond.


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About me:

•I love nature, aviation and music.

•I speak 4 languages fluently. (Greek, German, English, Italian)

•My hobbies are flying in my simulator, boating, motorbiking, creative stuff.

•I have a youtube channel wich you can find: Here.


1. Animal:---------------FOX

2. Plane:-----------------Bombardier LearJet 45

3. Car:--------------------Mercedes GLC 300 4MATIC

4. Boat:------------------Olympic - 620C

5. People: Int/Aircraft, Wolfen, AverroesIndustries, Kerlon, Sarin

Signature phrases:

  1. "We need more democracy!"
  2. "By the glory of Zeus!"
  3. "Greeks are always [insert stereotype]"
  4. ">.< I am not a furry...ok maybe I am...I blame Aesopos, and Disney"
  5. "Everybody will get foxxed by flippos. It is not a question of if, but a question of when."


  • I always love making new friends and am open to talk about anything! If you need to contact me feel free to tag me in the forums or discord.

  • Ich liebe es neue freunde zu machen und ich bin auf alles ansprechbar! Wenn du mit mir kontakt aufnehmen willst, tag mich in den foren oder auf discord.

  • Mi piace fare nuovi amici e sono aperto a parlare di qualsiasi cosa! Se mi vuoi contattare, fa mi tag nel forum o nel mio discord.

  • Mou aresei na kano kainewrgious philous kai eimai anoiktos na miliso gia ta panta! Ean theleis na milisoume, kane me tag sta forum i sto discord mou.
    had to use greeklish, greek is not supported here it seems

Mods, let me know if its ok to have these other languages in my profile, if not I shall delete them without hesitation


Discord: Check SPBC member list

Proud supporter of "Hellenic Seaplanes S.A."