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oh, Hello There

What's Upz... My name is Felix .
i do like to making ship than making aircraft
Hope Jundroo add some Ship part to the game...

Device used

i only play Simpleplanes at my Laptop :P
RAM:4GB DDR4 Memory
CPU:AMD Dual-Core Processor A9-9420e
Graphic Card:AMDD Radeon R5 Graphic
Storage:1000 GB HDD

Advice For Making (SP builds)

Advice: The Part that causing lag:
1)weapon Part-Too much weapon Will Cause lag
2)Wing-if you put many wing it can Cause lag
3)Engine-Propeller are the most that causing lag
Don't Blame The number of part.. if Its lag

Make the part bigger to reduce High Part when making a large things

you can use Inlet or Hollow fuselage to make a circle/square/rectangle plate

Use smaller engine and adjust the power multiplier on XML Modding to make a low fuel use and powerful engine,

Try to disable Drag And Collision On Part Using XML modding to reduce lag on a high Part count

Help me Reach 3K :)

Current Newest Upload: Palleon Class Destroyer(DDG)

Currently Making:
- Destroyer (done)
- Corvette (under construction)
-Light Carrier(Meh.. )
-Air Defense Frigate(under construction)

Previously known as FelixEngineering