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oh, Hello There

general Kenobi...

"don't take a bath too Long or the Shampoo bottle Will start Speaking"

Device used

i only play Simpleplanes at my Laptop :P
RAM:4GB DDR4 Memory
CPU:AMD Dual-Core Processor A9-9420e
Graphic Card:AMD Radeon R5 Graphic
Storage:1000 GB HDD
Potato Laptop :/

Advice For Making (SP builds)

Things that Cause Lag:
1.Weapon(Mostly Missile or Bomb)
2.Engine (Prop,Rotor,Car,Large Jet)
3.wing(Not really cause Much Lag)
4.Drag( the More the part that Has Drag the more the lag, Try disable all the Drag On all part and put atleast 1 Part had drag)
5.literally any part that Has Function (Rotator, Piston..)
6.Your Device,

Complex/Detailed Model Part Like rotator,Engine,Weapon,Rotors Is the Most Things that causing Lag, i Could actually Made somethings with 1500 part, But i Made 600s as My Limit part due to weapons part number

recommended Mod for Beginner:
1.XML Overload
2.Upload With Screenshot
3.Designer Settings Mods

Help me Reach 5K :)

Current Newest Upload: Sovereign Class Destroyer-DDG

Its seems that im cursed with Aircraft, Cuz my aircraft always Unstable :/

Previously known as FelixEngineering