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Tidore Class Heavy Cruiser

22.1k Fellex  3 months ago



The Tidore class were a Class of Heavy Cruiser built in 1937-1939 with four cruisers were planned and all of them manage to get out of the shipyard and fought on the seas,the Tidore were designed as a reliable Heavy cruiser and planned to be armed with fives twin 203mm gun, but due to emerging naval threats from other Nations the cruisers design had to be reworked to replace its main naval gun with two triple mount 305mm gun to counter other navies heavy Cruiser, its the same gun mounted on a Battlecruiser or a dreadnought because that, the cruiser were often called as a "Pocket Battleship" by naval commanders and sailors, The Tidore class were powered by 4 Steam turbine and 4 Diesel engine propelling the ship into max speed of 34 knots. The cruiser has a dimension of 204m for length and 22m for width, The Tidore also has a Floatplanes Catapult and carry up to 2 Floatplanes.

the Fast movement, high maneuver ,and high firepower makes Tidore Class was one of the best cruiser during its time, The Cruiser sometimes mistaken by the enemies as a Battlecruiser due to its large gun and large size, during its operational time on the Great War, the Tidore class has sunk over 42 Surface Warship and around 60 Merchant convoy ship


6 x 305mm Mark 5 Mod B on Triple Mounted Turret

8 x 105mm Mark 4 Dual Purpose Gun (dual Mount)

12 x 47mm Anti-Aircraft Gun(Dual Mount)

8 x 533mm Torpedo Tubes (Quad Tubes)


Throttle - Throttle

Brake - Reverse

Yaw - Turn

AG1 - Front 305mm Turret
Roll + Pitch (Cam 1)

AG2 - Rear 305mm Turret
Roll + Pitch (Cam 2)

AG3 - Launch Portside torpedo

AG4 - Launch Starboardside Torpedo

AG5 - Portside AA Gun,Secondaries,And Torpedoes
Trim - AA gun + Secondaries ( Cam 3)
VTOL - Torpedo Launcher

AG6 - Starboardside AA Gun,Secondaries,And Torpedoes
Trim - AA gun + Secondaries (Cam 4)
VTOL - Torpedo Launcher

AG7 - 360 First Person Observation View
Roll (Cam 5)

AG8 - Search Light
(i)Anti Aircraft and Dual Purpose gun elevation are auto-Aimed

About 360 First Person View

my new concept of camera view,This mechanism gives user a first person view on the ships observation deck with 360 range of view,also this is my first ship to have this mechanism installed

Low Part Version

535 Parts Version Click Here


Rear Portside View

IRS Tidore and her sister, IRS Taruma on morning exercise on 1939

IRS Tidore AA Gun Training

Torpedo Launching Trials

i sacrifice some of my online school time to finish her, so i will appreciate anyone who supports or upvote


Perfect 1600 Parts Count :)


General Characteristics

  • Successors 1 airplane(s)
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 73.1ft (22.3m)
  • Length 669.5ft (204.1m)
  • Height 112.4ft (34.2m)
  • Empty Weight 300,733lbs (136,410kg)
  • Loaded Weight 447,766lbs (203,103kg)


  • Horse Power/Weight Ratio 0.04
  • Wing Loading 208.0lbs/ft2 (1,015.5kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 2,152.8ft2 (200.0m2)
  • Drag Points 44107


  • Number of Parts 1600
  • Control Surfaces 0
  • Performance Cost 5,401
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    Indonesian Royal Navy??

    3 months ago
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    22.1k Fellex

    @Ergithe Tidur bareng yuk

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    It’s very satisfying when a plane or ship is 1600 parts, just that exactly

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    24.1k Ergithe


    3 months ago
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    22.1k Fellex

    @seanhu Simple answer why i put 305mm:
    Less Part = Less Lag

    3 months ago
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    6,532 seanhu

    She's cool indeed,but i'm afirad that the base of 203mm turret and the ship's wide are not enough for an alternative of 305mm guns

    3 months ago
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    23.6k Ian_Yashima


    3 months ago
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    22.1k Fellex

    @TheVexedVortex There, i just add a lower parts count version

    3 months ago
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    I like this but i ve seen better

    3 months ago
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    1,528 Karmen

    This would be nice to use in MP, the only problem would be part count, and if MP worked properly like in most games.

    3 months ago
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    Bang giv alok

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    30.6k PapaKernels

    Looks sick! Nice!

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    20.8k Ayanon

    pog 1st

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