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This page maybe is old, depends when you will see it (edit: 04/11/2021 21:00:12 PM GMT - 3)

Hello I'm Dinoairplanes and this is my account page.

My next creations:

MIG-21 (100%)

MIG-29 (100%)

Mitsubishi F-1 (100%)

Last build:

Mitsubishi F-1 "Supersonic Rei-Sen"

Hanz! ze lewd luger!

My best builds:

1° North American F-100D ''Super Sabre'' with 90 upvotes

You alredy know

2º U2 Dragon Lady with 66 upvotes


3ºNorthrop F-20 Tigershark with 65 upvotes

You know again

phrases spoken by a good Pilot:

"With people who know what their doing that is"

- MrSilverWolf

Good Friends:




Bronze: 09/18/2017
Siver: 10/26/2017
Gold: 07/01/2019
10k of points: 10/31/2019 at 19:00 hours
Platinum: Waiting

You want SP discord server enter here!

You want SP discord server enter here!

One best SP server

Thanks for read all

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