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  • We're in a bundle! 4.7 years ago

    Ah yes, the bloodthirsty art of viciously building airplanes

  • We're doing merch! 2.1 years ago


    "Why not sell physical models some of the highest rated builds?"

    german corsair figurine

  • the comunity has collasped 4.2 years ago

    Can confirm, once you hit Platinum you begin to develop an intense phobia towards helicopters

  • SP and SR2 4.1 years ago

    tully bad, sp good

  • You will only partially regret clicking this(Teaser) 4.4 years ago

    @BogdanX It's taking me a while too reply since I'm on my phone and it takes forever to type these out but,
    again where is this coming from?
    The one similarity I can find with the intakes is that they are made with 1 large hollow fuselage section, I originally had this as two separate sections (one for each side) but the change was necessary since unlike your plane on mine it is possible to see through into the turbines (as is accurate to the real plane). I also had to do some minor panelling where the front(canopy and nose section etc.) meets with the base of the inlets just to support this approach.

    Landing gear
    Shocks are where the shocks are on the harriers landing gear they're also a similar shape? Its a replica for crying out loud, they are also attached to a rotator as ALL custom gear is, I truly don't understand your point here.

    The "spine"
    Yours uses the same set of fuselage that eventually connects with the front portion of the plane, my one on the other hand has a separate "carapace" so as to not interfere with the inlet, along with panelling in certain parts to make way for the the inlet hole that would lead to the APU(auxiliary power unit).
    The Canopy
    The front section of the canopy is made of one fuselage piece for the purpose of letting me HAVE a cockpit view, along with (in my opinion) reflective fuselage looking bad when split up into sections.
    There is no doubt you'll see similarities in how stuff is built when it's the same plane, the smartest approach will always be too build my inlets that are meant to be hollow, with fuselage that is hollow.

  • I found Belugasub! 4.5 years ago

    not fair! @belugasub gets all the ladies 😡

  • Small Feature Wish List for v1.11 Update 2.3 years ago

    when you delete an aircraft or a subassembly it will bring you to the top of the list again.
    Would be nice if it could instead save your position in the list so it doesn't take forever to delete stuff due to having to constantly scroll down again

  • POV: You are in a confession room and now must confess the sins you have done in SP 3.2 years ago

    I once built a plane using blocks instead of fuselage..

  • Is This Game Dead? 4.2 years ago

    yeah man, you're actually the only guy on the site and the rest of us are all bots

  • So, when is the SimplePlanes soundtrack dropping on Spotify? 3.4 years ago

    smh you're telling me you won't just leave the game permanently open to listen to the music?
    fake fan

  • Small Feature Wish List for v1.11 Update 2.3 years ago

    This might end up being a larger suggestion depending on how hard it is to implement, but an ambient occlusion setting would be super cool.
    It really helps make individual parts stand out and could really improve the vr experience by making it easier to tell when objects are in the foreground
    without Ao(currently)
    with MXAO in reshade
    right now you can get ambient occlusion with re-shade, but since it's only applied using screen data it has a bunch of drawbacks and is only useful for screenshots for example it affects ui elements and changes strength depending on distance to ground, wierd stuff that wouldn't be an issue if it was in the game

  • SPVR Update - Gauges 2.3 years ago

    This is perfect! except now you've forced me to finish my project with custom working gauges before it's redundant

  • The Real Problem with Jundroo 4.1 years ago

    the real problem is that we're still waiting for a simpletrains

  • Stop the "What should I build" Forums, please..... 4.7 years ago

    but what should i build though

  • Replicas or Fictionnals ? 4.5 years ago

    why not both?

  • NO COPYING! Please. 4.6 years ago

    yeah copying for upvotes makes no sense, you could just make a low effort no copy sign instead!

  • So I guess racism, sexism, homophobia, and bigotry is "cool" now... 3.4 years ago

    probably shouldn't be dragging discord drama into sp

  • Folding What? (Flying Galaxy Fold) 4.6 years ago

    now the important question, does it break and stop working like the real thing?

  • Kazakhstan 4.7 years ago

    Spiritus you need to post something, what kind of monster leaves at 249k points ugsjgsits it's not even an EVEN NUMBERZJFSJFZCGSGSDBSV

  • Vickers Vanguard with 1.11 cockpit 2.2 years ago

    man I can't wait to refresh all my cockpits, this all looks amazing

  • so about that new 'linear color space' 2.2 years ago

    yeah there's a few problems with the beta, colours look darker and less saturated than before (something with the lighting has changed) and the designer lighting is completely different which makes it harder to see how reflective surfaces are.
    But overall this new stuff is crazy good

  • SPVR Update - Labels 2.3 years ago

    oh wow, can these glow? they would fit so well on a hud

  • Small Feature Wish List for v1.11 Update 2.3 years ago

    I'd love if the hollow fuselage hitbox was changed, right now it's completely solid.
    I use it a lot in building and I always wish I could just click on the parts that are through the hole

  • User Points and Upvotes 4.5 years ago

    I swear something still went wrong, if I recall correctly I actually used to have had ≈9999999 points and was the largest on the site, k plz fix

  • Passing Andrew Garrison in points 4.6 years ago

    @CrashFighter05 agree with me or I'll delet ur sp account

  • Platinuim Build : T-80UD 4.7 years ago

    Congrats Bogan, I'm fully onboard with your transformation into a seal!

  • P-51D-30 Fixed 4.7 years ago

    cool now we need to beat the upvote count of the old one

  • P-51D-30 Mustang 5.2 years ago

    I feel like all 20k of the points this guy has are all from the one plane

  • SPVR - Fuselage Slice 2.3 years ago

    Hey I've been thinking, would you consider letting us slice the fuselage from both above and below? This would make it extremely easy to make decals that wrap around fuselage without needing to be paneled. It would def open up the feature for heaps more potential, could be even more awesome

  • Small Feature Wish List for v1.11 Update 2.3 years ago

    So you know how in menus to change things such as: input, corner type etc. you have to click on a button a gazillion times to toggle through all the options..
    ..and then you accidentally click past and have to keep clicking until you reach that option again EXCEPT now YOU'RE LIKE spam clicking to get through all the options because you've been at this stupid cockpit for 3 hours and HOW DARE that corner be rounded instead of hard so you keep clicking and go past the option AGAIN??

    Yeah so hear me out, what if it was instead a small drop down menu so it only takes two clicks to select the option you want

  • GC-2 3.4 years ago

    A cheap and lazy ripoff...


  • In case anyone forgot... 4.3 years ago

    if Platinum users are always right does it create ..a time paradox if two disagree??

  • mood when it friday 4.4 years ago

    tater tots

  • Ducc Challenge results! 4.5 years ago

    this forum post is a wet dream

  • Realistic Swing Set 4.5 years ago

    and remember kids, if they don't fly out and over the top...you just aren't pushing hard enough

  • misclick leads to misfortune 1.6 years ago

    if we all just quickly post 10000 planes we can fix this!

  • Why is everything broken 2.1 years ago

    whenever one of the mods gets added to the game they always leave out a few crucial features that mean you need to keep the mod installed (for example finetuner mods scale tool)
    I still use designersuite for it's better blueprint controls and being able to save multiple presets, plus the connection tools are better

  • New Beta - Version 1.11.103 2.2 years ago

    now let us recolour attitude indicators.

  • 1.11 Beta is now available 2.2 years ago

    guess I'm not sleeping

  • Something pacific is coming 2.3 years ago

    it is going to be so much easier to make that kind of livery with fuselage slice

  • Airbus A320 | US Airways 4.2 years ago

    looks very nice and flight performance is good, only complaint is that the landingGear seem to break off very easily on landing (not sure if that says something about the plane or my flying skills)

  • help meeeeee!!! 4.3 years ago

    step 1: find an f-18 on the site
    Step 2: download the jet
    Step 3: change the paint job and reupload it
    Step 4:profit

  • You will only partially regret clicking this(Teaser) 4.4 years ago

    @BogdanX nope, for one this is a completely original creation based off of blueprints, some dead giveaways that it isn't your harrier would be for one: the hollow cockpit area and inlets.
    Additionally I've been sharing my progress as I work in discord ever since I started a few months ago and I have screenshots and even saves from every step of the way to back this up.

  • Vertigo 4.4 years ago

    just flaunting my new found "able to spotlight Andrews creations" powers

  • Sandwich Challenge 4.4 years ago

    I'm actually going to be in if the judges for this challenge! So..umm..go make me a sandwich damnit!

  • Ducc Challenge! [25 upvote prize] 4.5 years ago


  • Experimental test wall 4.5 years ago

    can't believe i just upvoted a bunch of blocks lol

  • Test 4.6 years ago

    The landing gear be dancing to the beat