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               [ C L A S S I F I E D   D H   D O C U M E N T ]

Darkhound Corporation

The DH Corporation is an independent medium-sized military organization with headquarter locations kept in confidentiality. The interests of this corporation is to generate and use tactical strike aircraft embedded with top-notch confidential technology from the best tech developers. These aircraft can be used by the corporation at anytime if it is deemed to be necessary, like tactical airstrikes, reconnaissance missions, and war involvements. The DHC keeps its entire existence secret to the entire world, with the only exception being the German Army and the Luftwaffe. The corporation specializes mostly in creating fighters, most of which are prototypes that don't reach mass-production or finished products sold in small numbers. But, the corporation also creates of other types of a wide-array of aircraft, depending on current circumstances and if its German clients are interested in mass-production military aircraft to be used in war-time circumstances. The DHC also [ - - - R E D A C T E D - - - ]

               [ C L A S S I F I E D   D H   D O C U M E N T ]

[Actual] User Biography
  • Is from the Philippines
  • Likes the Luftwaffe because the insignia is simple
  • Has a potato phone that can't handle 300+ part builds really well
  • Played Azur Lane on said phone [Only once though]
  • Has a fanfiction.net account named Blaze Slasher
  • Yes, I write fanfiction, don't question my sanity
  • Doesn't really have an specific shipfu in Azur Lane
  • Plays PUBG Mobile Lite every now and then
  • Also plays Battle of Warships every now and then
  • Okay, favorites time
  • Favorite weapon is HK416/M416
  • Favorite food is KFC fried chicken
  • Favorite WW2 fighter is A6M8 Zero
  • Favorite 4th-gen fighter is F/A-18 Super Hornet
  • Favorite tank is, not really, I don't like tanks
  • Favorite aircraft carrier is USS Enterprise
  • Favorite sailing warship is USS Constitution (which in my fanfic gets isekai'd into Azur Lane)
  • Favorite destroyer is KMS Z20 Karl Galster
  • Favorite battleship(s) are USS Montana, USS Arkansas, IJN Nagato, IJN Yamato, KMS Bismarck, KMS Großer Kurfurst, FS Bourgogne