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  • XFWB-DCLXVI ''World Ender'' modified 6 months ago

    @AccilianMilitaryAircraft it's a dummy thicc machine

  • Monster-Train 10 months ago

    I really like this design! I'm a fan of big vehicles like this, and it's very easy to drive around! All in all a very good vehicle

  • Arsenal Bird 10 months ago

    is there any chance you could make a more mobile friendly version of this? My game crashes every time I try to fly it

  • Astartes Rhino one month ago

    @twillingtwillingthedude hmmm yes. A shame I couldn't recreate the toilet seat insignia, otherwise I would've

  • Archaeopter one month ago

    @Kimfri thank you!

  • Archaeopter one month ago

    Updated version here! Now with a rear weapons hardpoint for easier modification! https://www.simpleplanes.com/a/Ygrq8E/Archaeopter

  • Basic small tank chassis 8 months ago

    @Mastermind1941 of course! That's why I post these basic designs, they're for anyone to use!

  • raven-hawk cargocopter prototype(unfinished) 8 months ago

    I now have a modified version on my profile, which actually works quite well!

  • Basic airship 8 months ago

    @DrEthel thanks!

  • SteamPunk Mono Wheel 8 months ago

    Are you able to make a version not using the smoke trail nozzle mod? I'm on IOS, unable to use mods unfortunately

  • Aetherwing 9 months ago

    @Notaleopard oh, I got it. Thanks!

  • Aetherwing 9 months ago

    I absolutely love the massive scale of this beast and it's design, but I can't quite figure out how to control it. Does it turn? And how does one manage altitude?