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My time zone is EST


I discovered SimplePlanes by watching Life of Boris Cheeki Breeki Airlines flight school video. I began playing SimplePlanes on Jan 5, 2020, and created this account on Jan 17, 2020.

I am currently more comfortable building on mobile but I upload my planes via my laptop.

I sometimes eat ice cream with a fork.

I rarely use mods other than overload and finetuner so mobile users can still use my builds. When building, I have a habit of making my aircraft way too small, and the fine tuner scale thing only works like 25% of the time. When building and testing physics are set to medium.

I am unable to do much because of school. The Osovian R-10 is about 90% done but I haven’t been able to work on it much. I’ll try to get the Bf-109 done after that. The FlySwatter video will be done this afternoon.(hopefully)

my old bio

My SimpleRockets2 account

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Other projects:

(Replica) F-107
(Parts Replica) BF-109 in 109 parts
(AAT) TAASI Industries GA-14
(AAT) HX-4a (Modified Cessna Citation)
(AAT) Redblade Mech
(No idea) Trident bomber
(AAT) Altrialian transport aircraft
(Replica) Trislander
(AAT) Osovian R-10


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