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There is nothing interesting here. Just a bio that was last edited when dinosaurs walked the earth and people watched black and white TV.

My standard description format :

  • Title (where without the title)
  • Type (to understand what the build is)
  • Short description (explains a little bit more about what it is)
  • History [if fictional]
  • Controls (logical I think)
  • Armament [if any](very important for a military plane)
  • Flight perfomance (to have an impression)

    • Maximum speed .

    • Stall speed .

    • Max altitude .

  • Notes (what to pay attention to, e.g. peculiarities of the flight or triggering of some mechanisms)
  • Features (what has been worked on and what can be looked at)
  • Credits (thank those who helped or tried to help)
  • Bonus moment [sometimes] (just an interesting screenshot at the end)


registration at ~ 8.7.2020(not exactly known)


Many thanks to player SAMECNIKITA41 for the tremendous support, the last upvote to silver and just for being a sociable player.

Also thanks to, NavalGunnery, Sm1ley_FaCe, commanderYEET, Mishutkabr and jdlarkspur.

Thanks to StarlightRE user for the last vote before gold.

Thanks for Fellex and GurianLorenzo

my YouTube channel{rus} .

absolutely useless quotes

(Don't ask me where they came from. I don't know where they come from.)

A good pilot must fly everything that can fly. And he can hardly fly anything that can't fly conceptually.(forget , who)

are you breathing? If so, then all is not lost.

Get up! You'll sing to me later!

it happens too easily . That's what I hate my job.

The one who is higher is the one who is right.(me , my dogfighting principle )

They say to me, "The higher you go, the harder it hurts to fall". So... I'm a masochist.

What do a raven and a desk have in common? They both have legs.

Oh, hello! Are you ready to die?

Sometimes people purposely make others hate them. What drives them? We will never know.