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DJ-8 “Dark light”

5,073 LZYyumi  1.6 years ago
Auto Credit Based on LZYyumi's DJ-8 “Dark light”(Old Version)

A remade version.
I remade the wing shape and fuselage,added a mini cleaver and some ornaments.
It’s a fifth-gen light aerial superiority VTOL fighter.
Imitate the painting of J-20.

AG1:VTOL mode(unlock nozzle and RCNs)
AG2+VTOL down:open missile bay+activate missiles
AG8:lights and roll control
Trim down:Thurst Reverser and more airbrakes

Vertical take-off:Activate AG1,slide VTOL to the bottom.Throttle 9%~11%.When it reaches enough height,slide VTOL back into the middle slowly.

Vertical landing(or short distance landing):Activate AG1,slide Trim and VTOL to the bottom.Throttle 7%,angle of attack 10°.Slow down until landing on the ground.
(It’s a little hard,you may need some time to practice for that,I suggest practicing this on USS Beast)

Have fun!
LZYyumi,Finn Balor Design Bureau


General Characteristics


  • Power/Weight Ratio 4.824
  • Wing Loading 11.2lbs/ft2 (54.9kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 1,802.2ft2 (167.4m2)
  • Drag Points 6421


  • Number of Parts 191
  • Control Surfaces 6
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    @LZYyumi No problem! sorry I thought my traduction was activated. I'll keep you informed!

    one month ago
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    5,073 LZYyumi

    Thanks! I’m sorry that I can't speak French, I've got your general idea by a translation app. I built this plane a long time ago, to be honest, I almost forgot it. If you mean you want to use it for your video, just feel free to do that, I don't need any payback(of course it is better to indicate the original link XD). For some reason I seldom use apps like YouTube, but if you can,could you please give me a link in due course? I’m looking forward to it@GameManiaTM

    2 months ago
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    Bonjour ! j'ai vu votre avion et je le trouve parfait, j'en ai fait une version modifiée, en ayant ajouté un gyroscope pour rendre le vol vtol plus facile, je vous ai crédité. Serait-il possible que je fasse une vidéo dessus ? je vous créditerai bien entendu

    2 months ago