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The heart does not compromise, the line is not limited.

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Discord ID:ReignSUPREME#7329
Age 14, Chinese.
Build on iPad.
A fan of Top Esports
Welcome to my home page! I am an average SP player and love all kinds of vehicles. At the same time, I like eating very much. My favorite foods are hot pot, pizza, roast duck and American fast food. Eating makes me happy!
I am very happy to have a website that allows SP players around the world to share interactive gaming experiences and more interesting things.You can tell me your opinions and thoughts below my post. If you like my works, I‘ll be happy.


I will implement my favorite things in the game. They're usually real, and I'm trying to be creative. I've done a lot of writing on land, sea and air, so my current focus has shifted to 2D graphics and walking planes. You can imagine how cool it would be to create a character you like in a game.

Mobile walkers:Gundam & Frozen Elsa
Military aircraft series:An-225,X-15
Rally Series:Ford Fiesta
Endurance Prototype Series:Porsche 919
Endurance Touring Series:Ford GT, Corvette C7
Hypercar Series:Koenigsegg One:1,LaFerrari

SimpleRockets Account

Realife friend: Babytong

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