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Tu-95 sudden flying wing))

11.7k vonhubert  9 months ago
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Auto Credit Based on vonhubert's Tu-314 1970s highspeed turboprop regional liner

Crazy sudden creation from unfinished Tu-95)) 15 min build, 45 to make it fly at least somewhat controllable)


Warning! Turboprops are pitch controlled! Thrust controlls the propeller pitch with engine governor maintaining the engine RPM. This way it is on nk-12 turboprops from tu-95 and tu-114. Thus:
1) Below 20% thrust they essentially work as VERY powerful airbrakes. Never drop below 35% thrust inflight unless you need to drop speed fast.
2) optimal thrust for cruise flight - 70-75% at 28 000 ft.
3) optimal thrust for take off and low altitude - 90-100%

G - Landing gear;
AG2 + VTOL slider - Flaps; (dont ever set it to -100% - thats to much to trim. -25-40% is more then enough for take off or landing)

AG6 - Bomb bay
AG4 - Ascend autopilot (Activate and set trim for ascend/descend. Can turn gently, than stabilizes
AG8 - Ground steering (sensitivity adjustment, when AG8 deactivated - steers to the limit, when activated - steers 5 degrees) Positions - AG8 - ON on Take off/Landing/In flight, AG8 OFF for the ground movements

Approach with 50% flaps at 40% thrust, trim 90-100% UP. Near the runway - set exactly 32-33 thrust. Over the runway edge - 25-28 and touch down. Plane is real life heavy - so it is quite inertial.

Take off - flaps 1/4 down, trim 1/2 up, 100% thrust. Ascend at slow rate with 90-100% thrust. At higher altitude adjust thrust around 70-90%


General Characteristics


  • Horse Power/Weight Ratio 0.104
  • Wing Loading 41.6lbs/ft2 (203.3kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 6,404.7ft2 (595.0m2)
  • Drag Points 51355


  • Number of Parts 950
  • Control Surfaces 6
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    @vonhubert I was too lol

    8 months ago
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    Always a pleasure to see something new from you.

    9 months ago
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    Double ender bush plane

    9 months ago
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    11.7k vonhubert

    @XjayIndustrys i use an option of throttle governor in engine settings + Throttle controlls a pitch not engine throttle. You can actually make it reversable (though that means that on 0 throttle it will push the plane back). On my creation 0 throttle = 0 pitch angle (blades stay perpendicular to airflow) - that makes the plane decelerate very fast. I found the nice settings by trial and error. Try using my

    9 months ago
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    11.7k vonhubert

    @LuciferOfPoland Ok, it is officially a tailles aircraft, not a flying wing) anyway, i was just fooling around

    9 months ago
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    but its not a flying wing REEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    9 months ago
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    That’s hot
    My gender is aeroplane so don’t ask questions
    How did you get the props to reverse thrust? This would help so much with a Bush plane I’ve got going but I’d need the reverse thrust to be under 5% cause it’s already under powered. I know I can manually change the pitch but then I can’t find the right cruise

    9 months ago
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    28.8k Tang0five

    Looks pretty majestic!

    9 months ago