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WW2 (Fictional) Fighter Challenge! [CLOSED]

10.3k LieutenantSOT  4 months ago


It is during World War 2, and you, a brilliant engineer, have been asked to chose a side in the war and build a plane that can help your country win.
Your plane will be given a task to do.

This upcoming page is very long, but please read it before you do anything

RULES (Overall):

  • XML is allowed (no mods)
  • Must be more than 100 parts and less than 1000
  • Can have propellers, jets, rockets, but please make it line up with the truth (no supersonic nuclear bombers)
  • Must be original!!! No reposts
  • Should be realistic. Fictional does not mean a space plane
  • Make sure you line up your design with the truth of what your country would have
  • Make the speed realistic (propeller planes should stay at around 250 mph minimum and 480 mph maximum (propeller) or 600 mph maximum (jet) for ww2 realism). Mixed Propulsion is allowed
  • Lock missiles (except for radio-controlled German ones) are not allowed. Rockets, bombs, and cannons are, though
  • Must be Fictional
  • Must be a successor
  • You can submit up to 1 aircraft per Plane Class (this does not mean you can do 3 for each country, just 1 per class of aircraft. Just to make grading easier)
  • Use a paint scheme that aircraft of your country used
  • Must be WW2
  • Must be realistic
  • All parts should be yours (except for weapons or cockpit parts)
  • No infinite fuel or negative weight (I know people have already submitted planes with this, but in the future this is a no-go. Those already in the challenge with it will not be disqualified)


Dive Bomber:

This is pretty much just a medium fighter with extra weight, but I want it to have a unique name. Here are the specifications:

  • Should be relatively slow (~ 280-380 mph)
  • Must carry at least 1 bomb and have at least one gun
  • Should be single seat or multi-seated

Your dive bomber will be given the task of bombing the convoy and then flying away before being shot down, if anything is left it must use its guns to take out the remaining scum. (+2 points if it can take out the remaining vehicles)

Medium Fighter:

This is the most commonly associated plane with WW2. Let it be a P-51D or a Messerchmitt 262. These are the fighter-bombers

  • Should be fast-ish (~ 350-390 mph)
  • Should be able to maneuver well so as to dogfight
  • Should have at least 1 gun (will specify with countries later)
  • Should have one pilot

The Medium Fighter's job is to take on another plane that I will be building. If it beats it, you win. If you are Japan or the USA it can also be able to take off from a carrier to fight the plane (not necessary, though. 2 bonus points if you can)

Heavy Fighter:

These are the crown jewels of the war. WW2 was the only war these beauties were used and they are really cool. The three most common I can name are the YMF-1 Airacuda, the P-38 Lightning, and the Fokker G.I

  • Slower than most planes (~250-350 mph)
  • Should be able to pack a big punch into anything it passes
  • Most likely will have 2 crew members (gunner/pilot)
  • Most likely will have a rear gun
  • Usually have more than one engine
  • Should have bombs or rockets and at least one gun (will specify later)

The Heavy Fighter's job is to bomb the WW2 fleet and take out the USS Tiny 2 and fly away before being shot down. The catch is, there is a plane (the one mentioned for the Medium Fighter) that will try and stop me. So I will have to bomb the USS Tiny 2 and then fly away to Yeager. If you take down the medium fighter with the front guns or the rear-facing run, you get 2 bonus points.

These were the plane classes, now onto the country specifications!

Country Specifications

United States

  • Planes should be capable of landing on a carrier
  • Planes should have at least this: 6x 12.7mm machine guns or 4x 20mm autocannons
  • Planes should be a little bit more heavy duty (slower speeds, less maneuverability)

Nazi Germany

  • Planes can have unique shapes (like the Blohm & Voss company)
  • Should have multiple calibers of guns and quite a few of them (ex: 2 30mm, 4 13mm, and 1 35mm)
  • Heavy Fighters should have a large caliber cannon (50-75mm)
  • Like the Americans, planes are more bulky than most


  • Planes (specifically fighters) must have either 8x 7.7mm machine guns or 4x 20mm autocannons
  • Airframe should be thinner than most planes so as to make it faster and more maneuverable
  • Planes should be faster than most


  • Should have a mix of low caliber and high(er) caliber guns (ex: 2 13mm and 2 25mm)
  • Planes are usually a lot smaller, and can therefore go much faster
  • Planes almost always have Dive Bombs
  • Can be carrier-based


  • Planes usually have a fat front and a skinny rear
  • Planes are more balanced. Not very fast, not very slow. Also pretty maneuverable
  • Should have at least 2 12.7mm machine guns
  • Planes are very armored as well, allows them to survive a lot


  • Like the USA, Australia has bulky planes that are decently fast and maneuverable, but are armored as well
  • Typical weaponry should be at least 4x 7.7mm machine guns or 2x 20mm autocannons, or a mix thereof
  • The Aussies also put bombs on most of their aircraft during the war if an external fuel tank was not used


  • Russian fighter planes were very simplistic most of the time so as to save on costs
  • The government standard loadout for planes was either 2 12.7mm machineguns and a 27mm autocannon or 3 20mm autocannons
  • These planes usually had their cockpits offset further back than most planes

BTW: The specifications on weapons are just suggestions or minimums that apply to what the rules were back in the day

Deadline: January 8th

As always, I hope y'all enjoy! If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments. I will answer them ASAP


TwistedWarshipDude (Nazi Germany; ?)
GHOSTCHICKEN023 (USA; Medium Fighter)
NexusGaming (Nazi Germany; Dive Bomber/Heavy Fighter)
R1battledroid (Nazi Germany; Heavy Fighter)
WSI (Nazi Germany; Medium Fighter)
PhantomAviator (Italy; Heavy Fighter)
KangaKangaTheRedNosedRoo (Australia; Medium Fighter)
Tsuchiisan (Nazi Germany; Heavy Fighter & Japan/Medium Fighter)
TrojanAircraftSystems (USA; Heavy Fighter)
ZydecoClass1234 (Nazi Germany; Heavy Fighter)
AdmiralWheatman (USA; Heavy Fighter)
Cabbage17 (British; Heavy Fighter)
Cronvia32 (Nazi Germany; Heavy Fighter)
Numbers (Britain; Medium Fighter)
Chrisk1993 (Japan; Medium Fighter)
NoobNoobTheChicken (Australia; Heavy/Medium Fighter)
NotSoNormalPioneer (Japan; Heavy Fighter)
Skyhawkarmy (Nazi Germany; Heavy Fighter?)
MobilePilot (Australia; Medium Fighter)
BeastHunter (USA; Medium Fighter)
spacegenius747 (USA; Heavy Fighter)
SimplyPlane (Nazi Germany; Dive Bomber/Heavy Fighter)
PapaKernels (USA; Dive Bomber)
Redisnotsusguys (Russia; Heavy Fighter)
MajorSix (Britain; Medium Fighter)
Chrisk1993 (Britain; Heavy Fighter)
Thueerra (Nazi Germany; Medium Fighter)
Maharlikan (Nazi Germany; Heavy Fighter)
Bananek71 (Britain; Dive Bomber)
RunForestRun (Italy; Medium Fighter)

TPTF: 30


General Characteristics

  • Successors 27 airplane(s) +1505 bonus
  • Created On Android
  • Wingspan 1.6ft (0.5m)
  • Length 3.3ft (1.0m)
  • Height 3.3ft (1.0m)
  • Empty Weight 595lbs (270kg)
  • Loaded Weight 595lbs (270kg)


  • Wing Loading 439,839.3lbs/ft2 (2,147,483.6kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 0.0ft2 (0.0m2)
  • Drag Points 385


  • Number of Parts 3
  • Control Surfaces 0
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    (BTW, I am grading from the back of the list to the front so I know how far I am done)

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    I am about one thirds finished grading now. About 3 medium fighters and 2 heavy fighters. No heavy fighter has won the challenge yet... dun, dun, dun!

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    23 people are currently enrolled in the challenge, 22 of which have posted 1-3 usable submissions. This could take more than a week. 1 person was disqualified from posting unusable builds and 3 people were disqualified for not posting a submission (though, until I am done grading they are allowed to try posting)

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    Challenge Results are being worked out right now as well as testing. It might be up to a week before the forum is posted. Everyone will be tagged

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    @LieutenantSOT, Here’s my entry for the challenge:

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    Grading Scale:

    Build Quality (Looks. Does it have cool paint? Does the plane fly well?) x/20
    Description (Does it explain the Plane in detail?): x/5
    Detail (Decals? Follows Country rules? Does it resemble something? Does it look good (fuselage)?): x/15
    Creativity (Is the design well thought?): x/5
    Is it able to take on its task (typing now)? +5

    Total = x/45 + 5 (+2 bonus points) (50 points possible + 2 bonus points)

    Then there will be a judge's note at the bottom.
    I hope y'all have fun!

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    1st Place: 30 upvotes and a follow
    2nd Place: 20 upvotes and a follow
    3rd Place: 10 upvotes
    4th Place 5 upvotes
    5th and below: 1 upvote
    Random Draw: 15 upvotes and spotlight (if possible)

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    1,491 Skyhawkarmy

    Ok @LieutenantSOT

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    @Skyhawkarmy where it says "results" at the top. It is a hyperlink

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    1,491 Skyhawkarmy

    Where is the link to the results

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    199 Bananek71

    @LieutenantSOT thanks didn't see that

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    @Bananek71 the results are at the top. It's a hyperlink

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    199 Bananek71

    @LieutenantSOT I think I was not tagged too. Or maybe I'm just too stupid to see results.

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    @SimplyPlain lol, yup!

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    50.0k SimplyPlain

    @LieutenantSOT Thanks a lot! It seems both my "naughty nazi's" did quite well...

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    @Chrisk1993 thanks! I haven't gotten to your build yet, but I will say that I bet it will be in the top ten if not higher

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    3,102 Chrisk1993

    I can't believe how many quality builds this challenge spawned. Well done!

    3 months ago
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    aaah okie dokie @LieutenantSOT

    3 months ago
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    @MIAW26PERSIAN oh, no! You're fine. I meant posting the grade results (not finished grading yet). I am waiting on one person, the other just said they cannot anymore

    3 months ago
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    not posting a submission? umm whats that mean.... @LieutenantSOT

    3 months ago
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