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''Augustin'' type destroyer

9,341 engineer40k  12 days ago

"Augustin" type is the first widespread universal destroyer of the New-Ardennes republic. Armed with guns, torpedoes and depth charges, this destroyers intended for AA-defence, countersubmarine actions, fleet support and counterpirate operations.

- 4 127-mm (5"/37) universal naval guns.
- 4 37-mm doubled AA-guns.
- 2 torpedo launchers (8 torpedoes summary)
- depth charges.

It's a light destroyer, there's no defence, man, fight neatly)

Throttle to move forward.
Yaw to change route.
AG1 - 127-mm (VTOL&Trim to aiming)
AG2 - Torpedo launchers (VTOL to aiming, Ladhing Gear button to change launch side)
AG3 - navigation lights.
AG8 - 37-mm AA (VTOL&Trim to aiming)


General Characteristics

  • This plane has been featured
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 42.0ft (12.8m)
  • Length 352.8ft (107.5m)
  • Height 114.6ft (34.9m)
  • Empty Weight 148,873lbs (67,527kg)
  • Loaded Weight 308,113lbs (139,758kg)


  • Horse Power/Weight Ratio 0.019
  • Wing Loading 8,035.0lbs/ft2 (39,230.4kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 38.3ft2 (3.6m2)
  • Drag Points 210554


  • Number of Parts 1042
  • Control Surfaces 0
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    5,635 Johawks1976

    I once rode 8 seconds on a dragon!

    5 days ago
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    @engineer40k finely some one built a craft that uses torpedo launchers, for the longest time there I though I was the only one that thought to build such a weapon. Thank you for initializing one of my deems. XP ^-^

    +1 7 days ago
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    9,341 engineer40k

    @Pilotmario, tenno heiko...

    8 days ago
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    138k Pilotmario

    @engineer40k lol if you wanted a more American DD, here’s a simple way how:
    1) Identify areas of the deck which are open.
    2) Cram the biggest AA gun you can put there.

    +2 8 days ago
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    1,080 KaigunChujo

    Remove to upvote

    +1 9 days ago
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    9,341 engineer40k

    @Pilotmario, thanks) Its weapon scheme based on american Sims-class destroyer, but in the end I've got something between Soviet, Japanese and American warships)

    +1 10 days ago
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    29.5k Kimcotupan15

    Thanks to 1.8 beta now I can run this beast. You did a great job boi!

    +2 10 days ago
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    138k Pilotmario

    Beautiful early/mid 20th century destroyer.

    Looks reasonably capable too. Four 5" dual-purpose guns to destroy anything that floats or flies, eight torpedo tubes to give cruisers something to think about, and depth charges to give submarines something to think about. Even a few medium-caliber AA guns to dissuade all but the most kamikaze-minded pilots.

    A destroyer of this size and firepower would be quite a good design for its time. A bit on the smaller side, but not something to be disregarded, and certainly capable of holding its own.

    +1 10 days ago
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    +1 11 days ago
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    9,341 engineer40k

    @Mainblocks, yes, I use a little changed Warden emblem for New-Ardennes Republic) Somewere in my profile is an artillery from here. Love Foxholl and its visual, you know.

    +1 12 days ago
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    5,467 Mainblocks

    What i see here is the Warden insignia, greeting fellow Foxhole player. Im a 82DK member as well. ^^

    +1 12 days ago
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    9,341 engineer40k

    @NANOMAN. Нормально. Возможно. Под проект, мне еще кучу всего пилить. Спасибо.

    12 days ago
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    5,715 NANOMAN

    Сыро. Недоделанно. Без детализации. Апвойт.

    +3 12 days ago