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Growing Minecraft Plants

61.1k PPLLAANNEE  3 months ago
Version Spring best season. Part

Adds parts that spawn various Minecraft plants, flowers, and trees that grow and spread throughout the island you put them on. It also adds a Minecraft hoe so you can move them around.

The mod has a section for Minecraft plants. Each part is a small capsule that launches its plant high up in a random direction after a short delay. Each plant after that launches small versions of themselves high up in a random direction to continue spreading. If the original part is destroyed all the plants from that part will disappear along with it. The section for the plants also includes a Minecraft hoe, It can push around the small plants but as some of the larger ones like trees and bushes grow they can't be moved.

More parts = more plants. If you want a lot of one specific plant use multiple of the parts for that plant. If you want a little bit of one plant just use one part for that plant. If you want every plant use one of every part if your PC can handle it.

All of the plants have collision. Unity particle system doesn't let you make very precise colliders so all of the plants just have a weirdly offset sphere collider.


15 minutes of all the plants growing on Wright Isles
5 minutes of just poppies growing on Wright Isles, You can also see me moving the plants off the runway with a hoe.
Me touching a wither rose.
totally related gif

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    14.1k Griffon1

    I know a while back I pitched using a minecraft lookin plane I built for screenshots and whatnot
    Well its about time I finally posted it
    I hope this isnt annoying its just I dont know how else to finally get this to you

    +1 2 months ago
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    61.1k PPLLAANNEE

    @Majakalona it might be too laggy to have this many photorealistic plants but ill see what i can do

    +1 3 months ago
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    44.5k Majakalona

    I wonder when a non-minecrsft version will come out

    3 months ago
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    46.9k SamTheUncle

    T when you post it.

    3 months ago
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    Excellent work

    3 months ago
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    29.0k 32

    good stuff

    3 months ago