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Beta 1.9.202

Dev AndrewGarrison  one year ago

Edit: New beta is available. Details here.

We just started a small beta that includes some features that didn't quite make it into the last update. Most notably the lead indicator for the guns and cannons, tracer rounds for the cannons, and a big update to Funky Trees. Also, we've upgraded Unity to a newer version in hopes that it will address some of the performance issues on Android. If you had performance issues with the latest update on your Android device, please let us know how this version is running.

The 1.9.202 beta is now available on Steam and it should be available in a few hours on Google Play and iOS.


If you encounter any bugs, please submit a bug report here.


  • Added air-to-air lead predictor for guns and cannons
  • Added Tracer Rounds to Cannon


  • Funky Trees now supports multiple types: Numbers (floating point), Booleans (true/false) and Strings (text). Values will be implicitly converted between these types if possible, for backwards compatibility, so a value of true will convert to 1 if used as if it was a number, and a value of false will be -1.
  • New literals, "string", true, and false.
  • New operators:

    • Comparison: "=", ">", ">=", "<=", "<"

    • Boolean Operators: "&" (and), "|" (or)

    • Ternary (selection) Operator: a ? b : c (essentially if a then b else c)

  • New parameters:

    • GForce (omnidirectional "force" acting on the pilot, in g)

    • VerticalG (vertical component of G)

    • SelectedWeapon (the name of the selected weapon, such as "Boom 50")

  • New functions:

    • ammo("Weapon") (where Weapon is the name of a weapon; for instance ammo("Cannon") returns the number of cannon rounds available as shown in the weapons drawer. ammo(SelectedWeapon) [note no quotes, as it's the variable not the string value] returns the ammo for the selected weapon)

  • Special functions: These are functions that have special functionality can store previous values, something not previously possible

    • rate(x): the rate of change of x.

    • sum(x): the integration of x over time.

    • smooth(x, rate): the output follows x, but only at a maximum speed of x units per second.

    • PID(target, current, p, i, d): A PID controller with the parameters p, i and d.

  • Some potential parsing bugs were fixed with - signs.
  • This shouldn't break old expressions, if it does please report to me (@WNP78)
  • activationGroup inputs now support entering FT expressions (which are taken as Boolean values)
  • Control surface and beacon light inputs now support entering FT expressions
  • Debug Command:

    • Open the dev console in level and type DebugExpression "expression" (for instance, DebugExpression "AltitudeAgl > 10").

    • Use ClearDebugExpressions to clear the list.


  • Added impactDamageScalar, explosionScalar, flashSpace, and flashScale XML properties to cannon

    • flashSpace sets the simulation space for cannon muzzle flash, either "Local" or "World"

  • Updated Fine Tuner with cancel MultiSelect when no parts are selected
  • Upgraded to Unity 2018.4.18f1, which will hopefully fix some performance issues on Android


  • Fixed IAS algorithm
  • Fixed bug breaking guns alternate firing
  • Fixed reticle persistence issue on bomb predictor
  • Fixed layer mask for part select tool
  • Fixed attach point select with finger aid
  • Fixed designer platform not instantly showing
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Trim and VTOL sliders from displaying for combined input, such as "Trim + Vtol"
  • Cannon wind sfx no longer play while paused
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  • Profile image

    You can get access to the iOS beta here. You can get the Google Play beta here.

    Pinned one year ago
  • Profile image
    11.4k senalPelpmiS

    I agree!!@Riskitforabiscuit

    +1 9 months ago
  • Profile image

    A pretty good addition would be the option to change whether your vehicles are air or ground (I.e. you can make your cars show up when you open air to ground) it would make air to ground a bit more interesting than the fixed stock targets

    +4 11 months ago
  • Profile image
    30.7k winterro

    @AndrewGarrison but how do u get the steam-version, ive heard its out already, but i cant find it at steam.

    11 months ago
  • Profile image

    Can you please add trees and things on top of the ground. Could you also make an airbase that is supplied with military weapons and vehicles on the main island?

    +2 11 months ago
  • Profile image

    Please add customizable tank tracks into the next update. If you're going to add a tank cannon part then it's only logical to also add a customizable tank tracks part.

    +4 11 months ago
  • Profile image
    1,417 ndfr623

    @SnoWFLakE0s Oh, that is very, very nice! Is there a way to distinguish negative and positive G?
    Also, could more parts be made compatible with Funky Trees (namely, the VTOL RCNs)?

    11 months ago
  • Profile image
    39.0k SnoWFLakE0s

    Did you read through? We have a debug console to do exactly that.

    +1 11 months ago
  • Profile image
    1,417 ndfr623

    Since the major 1.9 update added stuff like AngleOfAttack and now we're getting G-forces and such, can you make a readout window so we can actually know these stats and calibrate control systems and instruments properly? It would certainly be nicer than doing everything by feel, let's say.

    +1 11 months ago
  • Profile image
    20.9k Noname918181

    @RCMPCLAN Most certainly is that they have enough beta testers accomodated, thus preventing other potential testers from entering.

    11 months ago
  • Profile image

    Why is it saying beta is full?

    11 months ago
  • Profile image
    1,165 QwertDude

    Can you add tank tracks next? Anyway, the tracers are pretty cool. XML mod the gun delay firing to 0 seconds and use tracers. It looks like some type of lazer minigun thing.

    +1 11 months ago
  • Profile image
    248 RiceBean

    @AndrewGarrison when cannons are introduced to some guns when you click the action group the fire button doesn’t show up or when it’s only guns they don’t show up either, will this be in the update?

    one year ago
  • Profile image

    @robloxweponco :o

    one year ago
  • Profile image

    @SnoWFLakE0s Oh that is why. Thanks!

    one year ago
  • Profile image
    3,885 Timewolf

    while i mirror things or Ctrl+M a part the drag points of both parts sometimes are different and thus leads to balance problems when flying

    one year ago
  • Profile image
    39.0k SnoWFLakE0s

    The = operator is bugged right now and needs fixes. It will be fixed, hold tight.

    one year ago
  • Profile image
    39.0k SnoWFLakE0s

    Hmm, mobile can't fire w/o the button onscreen, right? I think it should work, I'll try testing what you put there. Though, it might end up being just some weird GUI issue (like the VTOL or Trim bars not showing up last patch).

    one year ago
  • Profile image
    11.0k SenSkysh

    The lamp should light when I select the right projectile, but this does not happen. What am I doing wrong?
    lamp input: clamp01(SelectedWeapon="APFSDS")
    Cannon name: APFSDS
    @WNP78 I was advised to ask you

    one year ago
  • Profile image

    @SnoWFLakE0s since the devs are too busy, maybe you know how to fix this?

    "I am having trouble using the SelectedWeapon value. I want to set a minigun's AG to a selected weapon so I simply input SelectedWeapon("Cannon") so when I select the cannon the gun will activate. But it seems that it does not show the fire button. Am I doing it wrong? Thanks for the response."

    one year ago
  • Profile image

    @realluochen9999 i also don't like math but with funky trees players can make more and more cool projects.

    one year ago
  • Profile image
    14.7k typeZERO

    Devs, I have a Good Idea for a More Realistic Approach for the Cannons, How about The Bigger the Cannon Caliber, the Heavier it Becomes. But on the Plus Side, the Bigger the Cannon, the Bigger the Damage... :D

    +2 one year ago
  • Profile image
    163k AN2Felllla

    Still finding a few bugs... hope they will be fixed on release 🙏

    one year ago
  • Profile image

    SimplePlanes, a game for math. I hate math!

    +1 one year ago
  • Profile image

    Cool!!! Any idea when the update will be officially released?

    one year ago
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